Hrithik Roshan On Not Just Supper Stars: I’d Rate Myself 7.5 Out Of 10 As A Dancer

From spending most of his money on holidays to never crushing on his co-stars, Hrithik Roshan bares it all in this episode of Not Just Supper Stars.

Aayushi Sharma

October 14, 2019


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“I am truly a force to be reckoned with, I am unstoppable on my holidays,” declares Hrithik Roshan in the very first segment of Not Just Supper Stars. The Greek God of Bollywood makes an appearance on the ZEE5 chat show wearing a dapper blue hoodie, matching denim, cool sneakers and a cap. Keeping it casual and comfortable, the superstar, however, does made heads turn as he does everywhere he goes. The conversation with host Gunjan Utreja thereafter flows from holidays to dancing, fitness with Hrithik’s trainer Mustafa Ahmed adding his invaluable inputs. Read on to dig deeper about the Super 30 star.

“I spend most of my money on holidays,” reveals Hrithik. “I produce my holidays. Everything is according to a time, a calendar, a clock. If you are on a holiday with me, you will have to wake up at 7:30 in the morning and by 9-9:30 pm you will be like, dude I want to hit the bed,” he says. Talking about his vacations with sons Hreehaan and Hridhaan, the daddy cool of two asserted, “What I once did with my boys, who were aged 8 and 10 I think, is that I had organized a treasure hunt in Venice through the entire city. To get it done, they had to involve street vendors, people from the shops, restaurants. We had to crack codes. We had to run from one end of the city to another and it was a great way to discover Venice.”

Hrithik Roshan on Not Just Supper Stars
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Throwing it back to a trip to Botswana, Hrithik spilled,” I took them (his sons) to the salt pan in Botswana, Africa. The salt pan is a desert of salt and it’s as big as Switzerland. I arranged for us to be left there, with three beds. Nobody else there, just us. Nobody around for miles. It was so much fun. I love to spoil my family that way.”

Besides his insanely gorgeous looks and supremely talented performances, Hrithik is known as one of the best dancers in Bollywood. The celebrity, however, rates himself a 6 out of 10! Yep, his words. “I would rate myself a 7.5 – 6 for dancing and 1.5 for the efforts I have to put in,” he asserted. He even recalled shooting his first song for Kaho Na Pyaar Hai and getting scolded by his first school – Farah Khan. Notably, Hrithik has not taken any formal training in dance.

Hrithik Roshan on Not Just Supper Stars show
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Be it Dhoom 2 or his latest release War, Hrithik’s chiseled physique and sculpted features have always demanded attention. But fitness trumps washboard abs and triumphant triceps for him. “My personal fitness has a lot to do with my films ofcourse. But to me, it’s more about longevity. It’s more about being healthy that being attached to the six-pack or the biceps,” he said. Mustafa, who featured on Not Just Supper Stars with Hrithik, has been training the star for four years now. “I met Mustafa when I was physically at my lowest,” the actor says. He adds, “I tried a lot of trainers, nobody lasted for more than a week.”

Catch Hrithik Roshan and Mustafa Ahmed on not Just Supper Stars here:

After winning the Buzzkill round and winning himself one minute of running by biting into a delicious vegan brownie, Hrithik and Mustafa proceeded to the final segment – Under 5. Gunjan quizzed Hrithik to name three co-stars he has crushed on and voila! There are none! “I don’t think I have crushed on any of them,” he replied. Although we are sure several around him might have crushed hard on the handsome hunk!

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