How To Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary In Style Like In Basu Poribar During Lockdown


May 18, 2020


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Share Happy Memories


If you and your partner have your anniversary coming up, but find that you cannot go out to celebrate because of the ongoing lockdown during the Coronavirus pandemic, fear not! Just like in the latest Bengali film Basu Poribarwhere Pranab and Manjari, the characters played by Soumitra Chatterjee and Aparna Sen, who held a grand dinner at home with their family members for their golden anniversary, you too can do the same, but with a twist! Scroll down to find out how.

Share happy memories. Revisit the days that your romance blossomed, and reminisce about it! Cherish memories from the past and relive them again by sharing these stories with each other. You will be surprised to realise how blissful an activity like this can be. Watch them in the trailer of Basu Poribar below.


Appreciation And Gratitude


Renew your commitment by voicing out loud how much you appreciate each other! This is a special day for the both of you, and a great opportunity to remind each other how grateful you are to have each other in your life. The longer a relationship has been, the easier it can be to take each other for granted, so make sure you don’t fall into this trap, especially on this day.

Get Creative With Gifts


This year might look a little different in terms of gifts, but it doesn’t mean you can’t give one to your partner! If what you have in mind is not available for ordering online, look around and see what you have with you at home. You can make something personal like a card or a photo album with your favourite memories of each other, or even do something special that you know your partner will appreciate, such as cooking a nice meal.

Learn Something New Together


This special day is a great one to bond with each other, so why not do an activity together that both of you have been keen on? You could take an online class offering lessons in a skill both of you are interested in — such as art, music, or meditation. There are several virtual classes on offer today, so select one and book your spots! You could even enjoy bird watching together with all the different creatures we can spot more of outside now!

Video Call Your Family And Friends


If many of your family and friends cannot be present with you physically to join the celebrations, you can always video-call them! They will probably call you to convey their wishes, and will be delighted if you invite them to be a part of your celebrations!

Enjoy A Delicious Meal Together


Prepare or order a delectable meal that both of you will relish, and dress up for it! Set the table and light a candle to create a romantic mood, and slip into your favourite clothes and make it a grand affair! Make sure to take photos too, and it will feel every bit as festive as if you were at a restaurant.

Which of these anniversary ideas at home did you like the most? Let us know with a comment below.

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