How Ekta Kaul And Sumeet Vyas Became Permanent Roommates

Veere Di Wedding actor Sumeet Vyas and Rab Se Sohna Isshq star Ekta Kaul tied the knot in a traditional wedding ceremony on September 15, 2018.

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June 6, 2019


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Love is love. A squishy but unexplainable emotion that assures and reassures that in the arms of your loved one is your happy place where nothing ever goes wrong. Guess universe planned a surprise for Ekta Kaul too! The Rab Se Sohna Isshq actress is an MBA graduate but ended up in the world of showbiz. Years after engagement with her co-star Kanan Malhotra went kaput, the pahadi beauty found her soulmate in Veere Di Wedding star Sumeet Vyas. With web series and television stints under his belt – Sumeet is arguably a force to reckon with in the acting circuit.

So, how exactly these two individuals as different as chalk and cheese find their way into each other’s hearts? Sumeet and Ekta first crossed paths while shooting for the promo for a show which got shelved. Years later, they bumped into each other at a friend’s party but it took a tweet from Ekta to break the ice. They went on dates, they talked for hours, they fell in love and there has been no looking back for the couple ever since.

Sumeet Vyas and Ekta Kaul at a restaurant
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Narrating their initial meetings, Sumeet told a story portal on Instagram, “I’d been single for sometime–you know that phase where your friends say, ‘you’re single, doing well, don’t get into a relationship’?–I tried but got over it quickly. Around then, I met her.. at shows & on sets, but I didn’t know how to pursue her! She tweeted about my show & we started talking–I invited her to my play & we went out after! We ended up talking for hours about acting. By the third time, I had a feeling she wasn’t getting it! So I specified, ‘This is a date okay? & she just nodded!”

But Ekta being the regular girl from Jammu she was, she was not in this for the fame or looks. It was real from the word go! “She’s not from the acting circuit–she was discovered by chance. It was a breath of fresh air! I’ve been around serious artists all my life.. this was so different! Even our choices didn’t match! The first movie we watched was La la land–I came out of it emotional & she was like eh! I thought oh no–how’s this going to work?”

Sumeet Vyas and Ekta Kaul
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“When we started dating, I was at sea. How do I impress her? I told her that I’m kind of famous as this character, Mikesh…She wasn’t bothered! When people asked me for photographs- she’d wonder why! The next time we met, she’d watched my entire show! I asked her how–it was so long she said she watched it while getting ready! I was confused–Why wasn’t it affecting her! But that’s how I knew she was with me for the right reasons,” said The Story actor.

Sumeet, was married earlier to a popular actor, Shivani Tanksale. The two ended their marriage of 7 years in 2017. Talking about when he decided to take the leap of faith with Ekta, Sumeed told the portal, “ It’s not one big moment when you know you’ve met ‘the one’. It’s how they make you feel everyday; if they make you a better person & she does. But one such moment was last year during Holi! I rode my bike to a party & had a little bit of bhang. I was in no state to ride. She saw that & took the keys –I thought she was joking! I mean it was a Bullet! But she just got on & off we went, me in the backseat & my lady driving the bullet. I thought then, Man! I’m going to marry her! She’s the one!”

But Ekta left him once, only to return though. “But, all of a sudden she left for Jammu because she realised acting wasn’t for her! I knew then that I wanted to do everything to make this work. I asked her to move back for our relationship–to give us a chance. Thankfully, she agreed, but I didn’t want to risk it, so this year on my birthday, I popped the question! She was so happy, she had a childlike smile & I swear even though I gave her a ring, it’s me who found the diamond!”

Ekta Kaul - Sumeet Vyas' wedding
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Sumeet and Ekta tied the knot in a simple and traditional wedding ceremony on September 15, 2018. As they embark on their happily ever after, we wish the newlyweds the best of everything in this world.

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