How Does Tailor Thangaraj Play An Important Part In The Love Story In Pyaar Prema Kaadhal?

The character Tailor Thangaraj has a limited screen presence but despite that, Ramdoss shines effortlessly.

August 30, 2019


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Ramdoss is predominantly known as Munishkanth, all thanks to his character of the same name in the movie Mundasupatti. This actor who mainly focuses on comedy roles is known to have left his mark on each and every project that he undertakes. Apart from his acting style, this actor also is famous for his iconic voice. Like most popular actors, Munishkanth has had a struggle which he had to overcome to reach this height. He had to work as a junior artiste for many years before becoming a name. In the movie Pyaar Prema Kaadhal, we see Ramdoss playing the part of Tailor Thangaraj.

Watch the character Tailor Thangaraj as he tries to help Shree.

Although this actor had made quite a few appearances in different films, it was only the movie ‘Mundasupatti’, that kicked off his career. In the movie Pyaar Prema Kaadhal, we see the character Tailor Thangaraj has a limited screen presence but what should be said is the fact that even with the limited onscreen time Ramdoss shines effortlessly. Now, Ramdoss’s character is like a mentor cum friend to Shree, a character played by Harish Kalyan. He is the one who lends his advice to Shree when it comes to Shree’s relationship with Sindhuja, a part played by Raiza Wilson.

Sree and Sindhuja
A still from Pyaar Prema Kaadhal

This character without any doubt lends comic relief  but at the same time, it also shares an equal role in carrying the crux of the movie with it. We see that throughout the movie he maintains a thought process, so be it the manner in which he guides Shree to woo Sindhu or be it the time when it comes to advising Sindhu about the importance of having a family and marriage. He keeps the mentality which is shared by most of the people in the country.

Now, this is an important thing because of the fact that the movie as in the whole story builds to the fact where the makers of the film try to give the message that marriage is not a foolproof plan for continuing a relationship. Thus, proving that the character of Thangaraj is there not just for some comic sense but also in order to represent the current conditions.

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