How Does Siva And Bharati’s Love Story Stand Out In Rekka?

September 5, 2019


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Rekka that is now streaming on ZEE5 plays a distinct role in demarcating the role of an emotional element in a mass action movie. The movie which star Vijay Sethupathi as Siva, narrates the tale of the protagonist and his happy-go-lucky life. Now, the turbulence in Siva life is caused by his own actions and his habit of saving girls who are forced into marriages. This causes him to travel to Madurai and meet Bharati, a role played by Lakshmi Menon.

Watch the powerful performance of Vijay Sethupathi in the movie Rekka.

Now, as a typical movie would have the plot would move in a fashion where the hero of the movie falls in love with the heroine who he is assigned to kidnap. But this is where the movie deviates itself from the other lot in the industry. Thus, the movie shifts the parameter and we see that the heroine has apparently seen the hero beforehand and is already smitten by his good deeds and the small dimple on his cheek that appears when he smiles.

Keeping this premise in mind when you look at the chemistry between the two, Siva and Bharati, you will notice that it is not a typical love story that is shown in the movie. There is also this fact that somewhere the story of the movie gives more weightage to emotional past and trauma of the character Siva rather than his love story.

Siva carrying Bharati
A still from Rekka

But even in the limited instances of the love quotient, the story manages to give a good glimpse of the essence of love. Thus, we see that Bharati is already in love with Siva and which is also an admiration that has grown into the stature of love. And surprisingly this love is strong and she believes in it wholeheartedly. As we can see in the scene where David tries to take her away from the mall but Bharati is sure Siva will come to save her.

On the other hand, Siva’s love for Bharati is something gradual. We see that at the beginning of the movie Siva has no such emotions for Bharati but it is when he sees her earnest behaviour and true love that he feels the emotion of love for and goes back to rescue her from the goons. So, this love story which sets itself in a different tone definitely makes it an intriguing watch.

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