Here’s Why You Should Watch The Jisshu And Koel Mallick Starrer Ghare & Baire


May 21, 2020


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1. A Family Watch


As you look forward to the weekend, it’s time to catch up on feel-good movies to keep aside all the gloom and doom. One such movie is the beautiful Bengali film Ghare & Baire which you can watch on ZEE5. Starring Jisshu Sengupta and Koel Mallick in the lead roles, we listed down a few reasons why you definitely do not want to miss this lovely film. Check them out!

Ghare & Baire, directed by Mainak Bhowmik and released in 2018, is the perfect combination of romance, comedy, and drama all in one! What’s more, this lighthearted film fits the bill for being an ideal one to watch together with all your family members at home. Viewers across different age groups will really enjoy it, and it can make for some quality bonding time on the weekend. Watch the Bengali film here:



Excellent Acting


In Ghare & BaireJisshu Sengupta plays Amit, an aspiring musician who returns to his home in Kolkata leaving corporate life in Mumbai to pursue his dreams of music once again. He falls in love with Lavanya (Koel Mullick). However, she succumbs to family pressure to marry an NRI, and he is left to figure things out. Both Jisshu and Koel deliver stellar performances in the film, and you will love how they play each of their characters throughout!

Smooth Direction


Director Mainak Bhowmik, who has previously given us gems like Bedroom and Take One, demonstrates his prowess yet again with this heartfelt rom-com. Ghare & Baire comes together flawlessly thanks to his genius. He has done a fantastic job of directing every element in the film very smoothly!

Superb Music


The soundtrack of Ghare & Baire is one of the best aspects of the film. Carefully compiled, it features songs by some of the most popular Bengali musicians in the industry. With numbers like Tui Ki Kore Dili by Anupam Roy, Hridoyer Rong by Lagnajita Chakraborty, and Tara Khoshe Pore by Monali Thakur, you will enjoy the music thoroughly!

A Perfect Resolution


The feel-good ending of this Bengali film is absolutely beautiful, and will leave you warmly satisfied! The plot gets resolved in a way that makes for a fun and pleasant viewing experience, and you need to watch Ghare & Baire to find out how this happens. You will definitely come out feeling a whole lot better than you did before, so be sure to tune in!

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