Here’s Why WHO Asked The World To Learn From Pakistan

WHO Chief praised the country’s response to COVID-19 pandemic.

Sohil Nikam

September 14, 2020

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Pakistan’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis has received appreciation from the World Health Organization (WHO) boss Tedros Adhanom. The country with a population of around 22 crores has managed to keep the cases down to nearly 3 lakh and the deaths to around six thousand. Currently, there are only around eight thousand active cases in the country. Pakistan’s declining coronavirus cases have left health experts baffled as they try to look for reasons behind this fall. “They have been utilized for surveillance, contact tracing and care and the result we see a significant drop in the number of coronavirus cases”, said Adhanom.

One of the reasons for Pakistan’s journey towards a gradually flattening curve is being said to be the country’s young median age. With a median age of 22, there are likely fewer people than other countries who are susceptible to the coronavirus, thanks to their strong immune systems. Another reason for the low number of cases, as the country’s government claims, was its smart lockdown strategy that was adopted with an aim of not letting the economy suffer much despite following adequate safety measures.

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