Paaru: Adi Realises His Mistake

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September 17, 2020


3 min


As we know, in the previous week of PaaruParvathi goes to Akhila’s house and tells her that she was wrong to terminate a senior employee as he has tried to commit suicide. As they argue about the same, this causes a fight between Adi and Paaru to an extent where he almost slaps her. Akhila stops him from doing the same but Paaru tells him that he has proven that he doesn’t understand the working-class people.

However, Adi realises that he has made a mistake when Janani tells Adi that Paaru was looking out for the company as a case of suicide could have ruined Akhila’s reputation. He also realises that he should have never lifted his hand at her in the first place and has made her angry again.

Janani and Adi

He wonders what to do about the same. Akhila also calls Paaru and asks her if she thought it was right to talk to her that way. When Paaru doesn’t express any regret, Akhila smiles at her and tells her that she did the right thing. Moreover, Paaru gives her an idea for her company Akhila tells Adi about. She also says that since it was Paaru’s idea, she should be there with him when he visits the village to procure the natural ingredients.

Anushka hears the same and decides to make a plan against it while Daamini makes arrangements to harm Paaru. Adi, on the other hand, wonders how he is going to convince Paaru to come with him after what he has done that previous day. Janani brings in a cup of juice for him and talks to him about the same. She also tells him that she will convince Paaru to go with him to the village. She also says that Paaru is very forgiving even if she gets angry and not to worry much about the same. Adi thanks her for helping him.

Well, we can’t wait to see if Paaru will forgive Adi and what Anushka does to come in between the two of them.

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