Here’s Why Muttu From Yaare Nee Mohini Should Not Marry Maya


March 13, 2020

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It’s a known fact that Belli from Yaare Nee Mohini is madly in love with Muttu who is a widower. While he struggles to get over the fact that Chitra is no more, he also develops feelings for Belli. However, falling into the trap of his mother, Muttu agrees to marry Maya which is completely a wrong decision to have been made.

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Here’s why!

Maya has always thought about herself. She is lured into the fact that Muttu is rich and financially stable. She doesn’t feel true love for him and just wants him to herself without even asking him about whether he feels the same about her. Muttu is very well aware of the fact that Maya wants to marry him and will go to any extent to do the same. In the past, she was seen inviting him to come to a certain temple and tried to get him married to her without his knowledge. When Muttu discovered this, he promised not to get married to her.

Maya conspires to get married to Muttu
Maya conspires to get married to Muttu

When the plan of Maya getting married to him fails, she decides to get pregnant with Muttu’s child so that he will be left with no choice but to marry her. Maya then drugs him and makes an attempt to get intimate with him. However, Shanmugam and Aishu come to his rescue before anything can happen.

Muttu is also aware of his feelings for Belli. When Belli is chosen to perform the rituals in the forest, Muttu realised how much he cares for her. In spite of that, he makes the decision to marry Maya when, in his heart of hearts, he is in love with Belli.

Muttu is concerned for Belli
Muttu is concerned for Belli

Shanmugam too has made Muttu aware of the fact that Maya is trying to seek control over his life and his business. While Belli is in love with Muttu for the person he is and not the money he possesses.

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