Here’s What You Need To Know If You Missed The First Episode Of Naagini 2


February 18, 2020

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Naagini 2, directed by the prominent maker Ramji, is a story of vengeance that premiered amidst much fanfare yesterday in the primetime slot. The story is of a female serpent Shivani, in human form, who unites with her lover Aadhisesha, a male serpent. As the two unite, a number of men try to possess the naagamani.

Catch the first episode of Naagini 2 here!

The episode begins with a bunch of men who visit a tantric at midnight to seek help for their problems. He points towards the universe and shows them a Shivalinga, that has the naagamani on the linga. He also tells them that they have to bring that to him as soon as possible for them to perform certain rituals. He says that as it is the day of unison between snakes who are in love, it is of utmost significance and adds that the naagamani is the basis on which the snake world exists. If there is no naagamani, there will be no snake Gods in this world and all of their problems will end.

Adishesha fights the evil men
Adishesha fights the evil men

Sambashiva tells the tantric that they will somehow get the naagamani by sunrise. Adishesha and Shivani unite and share their love for each other. Just then the bunch of men appar, to attack Adhishesha. While he is fighting these men off, one of them throws a certain powder at Adishesha who has taken the form of a snake. This powder is given by the tantric who tells them to use it if their life is in danger. As he throws it at Adishesha, he chokes to death.

The show is also said to be a partial continuation of the first season. It will feature a total of 28 well-known faces including Mohan, who plays the negative lead, along with others like Jennifer, Pranav, Shwetha M.M, etc.

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