Here’s What Makes The Wait For The New Episodes Of Gattimela Even More Exciting


May 26, 2020

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In the last few episodes of Gattimela, we see that Adya tells Aarthi and Suhasini that she is pregnant and they all get excited and congratulate her. At home, Amulya sees her whole family sitting together and making arrangements for the next day and also feels blessed for having been born into the family. Adithi also tells Amulya not to go to the office the next day as Aarthi and Vicky will be coming home for the first time after their marriage.

What makes this wait to see all these beautiful characters back on screen worthwhile is the budding love story between Amulya and Vedanth. Vedanth has just begun to develop an intense feeling towards Amulya but fails to realise that he is actually falling in love with her.

However, he has already told the family that he will be marrying Sahithya. Will he really listen to Suhasini-who is putting in  all her efforts to get them married-the truth about his feelings for Amulya?

Gattimela 08 April 2020 Written Update_ Sahithya Confronts Amulya
A still of Amulya and Sahithya

Adithi has been receiving strange calls from someone that she is not telling anyone about. However, there is a slight tension between Druva and her. As anticipated, we can’t wait to see if Druva will help her in this uncomfortable situation as he always does, or will he choose to keep away.

Meanwhile, Adya is all set to welcome a new member of the family as she tells her brothers and Sarthak that she is pregnant.

Gattimela 28 February 2020 Written Update_ Adya Video Calls Aarthi After The Mehendi
Adya and her brothers with Sarthak

What we also can’t wait to see is if Suhasini will do everything to split the newly-wed couple Aarthi and Vicky as she promises that she will end their relationship.

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