Here’s What Lagira Zhala Jee’s Shivani Baokar And Nitish Chavan Are Up To Post The Show

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May 28, 2020


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Lagira Zhala Jee is a romantic drama that used to air on Zee Marathi. The show successfully ran for more than two years and became quite popular owing to its unique plotline and realistic content. It highlighted the difficulties that an army man goes through and applauded their sacrifices. Starring Nitish Chavan and Shivani Baokar in lead roles, the story revolved around Ajinka, a simpleton from Satara who aspires to join the army. He falls in love with Sheetal, a free-spirited girl from his own village. The show also focussed on the love story of this young couple who are exact opposites. However, Ajinka’s love for the army and his duty towards the motherland conflicts with Sheetal’s affection for Ajinkya. This serial became quite popular for the depiction of a lovely relationship between the two.

Watch an episode of Lagira Zhala Jee here.

Even though the show ended a year ago, the performances of the actors are etched in the audiences’ hearts forever. Let’s look at what these stars are doing at the moment.

Nitish, who played the role of Ajinkya in the show, is currently working in a play called Bail Abolbala which recently crossed the mark of 25 shows. The actor was awarded a silver medal for this achievement by theatre artist Rajeev Mulye.

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बैल अ-बोलबाला या नाटकाचा मी पण एक भाग होतो याचा मला खूप अभिमान आहे. नाटकाचे 25 प्रयोग झाल्याबद्दल मला राजीव मुळये सरांनी रोप्य महोत्सवी मेडल दिले त्याबद्दल त्यांचे आणि संपूर्ण बैल टीम चे खूप खूप आभार आणि अभिनंदन 🙏🏼 बैल चे असेच जास्तीत जास्त प्रयोग होवो ह्या शुभेच्छा 💐

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Nitish is also working on a project which he has kept under wraps. The undisclosed project will reportedly release in 2020. The actor is currently prepping for the role and recently posted a picture of him in a dubbing studio. We cannot wait to find what it is!

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On the other hand, Shivani is currently hosting a show on Zee Talkies called Mann Mandira- Gajar BhaktichaIt is a devotional show where various speakers are invited to perform kirtans. Isn’t it wonderful how she’s exploring new avenues like anchoring after her successful stint in Lagira Zhala Jee?

Post the show, Shivani continued acting and was seen in the comedy-drama Alti Palti Sumdit Kalti, a television show which was somewhat similar to the Bollywood film Bunty Aur Babli as it told the story of two con artists. The actress’s ability to pull off disguises like a pro garnered appreciation from the viewers.

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Alti Palti Sumdit कल्टी मारतो बरं का? मज्जा आली !😉😘 The pictures explain the amount of fun we had during shoot! Thank you for the unlimited love given to us by the audience ♥️ Special special thanks to तुमची आमची आवडती वाहिनी @zeemarathiofficial for this wonderful opportunity 💖 And oh what a lovely team to work with @kolhesantosh sir @chetan_vadnere @ritwikshankar @pradyut.ghogale @aniket_kolpe @chandrakantkanse sir and all the lovely cast and crew I met during these months! My favorite girls on the set @saileerajpure @ankya17 @asmita_nimbalkar @cartoon_payal will be missed 😘🐰 खुप खुप प्रेम 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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What do you miss the most about Lagira Zhala Jee? Let us know in the comment box below!

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