Here Is The First Look Of The Upcoming ZEE5 Original Series Hawala

Sneha Bale

November 1, 2019


3 min

As we recover from the spellbinding gangster-family revenge sage, Gods Of Dharmapuri, ZEE5 is all set to bring something new to the table. Soon, we will have yet another gripping story from the most beloved land of the Telugu states, Hyderabad. The backdrop of this show is more contemporary and explores evils that are prevalent in our society. Titled Hawala, it is the story that explores the genre of suspense-drama and promises to be the first of it’s kind. With new faces and new stories to witness, we’re all game for this web-series.

Hawala is set in the old city of Hyderabad and hence, we’re expecting a lot of chaos and under-the-table secrets. Four youngsters or two couples lead the story with two shades of morality and ethics. The first pair, Karan and Vani, wants financial stability so that they could live a happily married life. The second pair, Guna and Nisha, are the ones who would do anything for each other, without any moral policing. Check out the first look of the show here.

Stills from Hawala Trailer
Stills from Hawala Trailer

Karan and Vani wait a long time to achieve this, 3 years almost. All their attempts and patience seems to be paying off when Karan wins a lottery. But soon the doom sets in with the arrival of the second couple, and that’s when the real story of Hawala begins. Guna and Nisha get hold of Karan’s lottery ticket and proceed ahead with what was someone else’s dream. However, Karan and Vani aren’t ready to let go of their lottery ticket and so, they begin their hunt to chase Guna and Nisha.

In this race, who will win? How far and deep will they have to go in the dark lanes of the old city to see a brighter future? It features Gourish Yeleti as Karan, Anoosha as Vani, Tarun Rohith as Guna and Jayashri as Nisha. Find out all the answers about them, in the six-episode series Hawala, on 21 November 2019 only on ZEE5.

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