Here Are The 5 Best Ways To Surprise Your Friends And Celebrate Friendship Day India 2020!

We got you all the ways that you can show your friends how much you appreciate them on this special day! Check it out.


July 28, 2020


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A good friendship is truly precious, and makes life exponentially sweeter. This is why we have a special day in every year which is designated to celebrating our friends– aptly called Friendship Day! Here are some ways that you can show your friends how much you cherish and appreciate them, and have the best Friendship Day ever– even during a pandemic!

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1. Call Up Your Friends

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Quite possibly, you may not be able to meet your friends and party with them this year. However, this does not have to stop you from showing them you care or spending some quality time with them. Call them up and have a good chat. Check up on them and show that you are thinking of them on Friendship Day. You can easily party with them on a video call, so plan a fun session with your homies ahead of time for the best Friendship Day!

2. Watch Movies With Your Friends

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So what if you are not able to meet all your friends on the day? Simply organise a virtual party, and if all of you happen to be movie buffs, what can be better than picking a film that everyone agrees on, and watching it together at the same time? Grab some popcorn and drinks and settle down to binge watch your favourites with your friends! Here are some recommendations of films about friendship, like Jayo Jayo Debi and Onek Din Pore, which you are sure to enjoy watching.

3. Make Something Delicious For Your Friend

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Surprise your friends by sending them their favourite food! (Brownie points if you make it yourself.) Bake a yummy cake or whip up a mouthwatering savoury dish and have it delivered to your friend’s address. You will find lots of delicious recipes and ideas in the popular cookery show Rannaghar, if you want a bit of inspiration.

4. Say It With Music

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Music is truly the best way to cheer up and feel great instantly, so why not dedicate a favourite song to your friend? They are sure to be touched by the gesture, and are sure to appreciate your choice of music. Here are some hit Bengali numbers that you can choose from, which will be a perfect Friendship Day song for your friend! So go ahead and simply say it with music!

5. Send A Gift That Your Friend Will Love

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If you know that your best friend has been coveting something specific, purchase it and send it to them if you can! Whether it is a piece of jewellery or a book, try and see if you can get it for them. Your gift does not necessarily have to be extremely expensive or luxurious for your friend to appreciate it. Think of their interests and identify something you can easily acquire– a pack of fragrant tea or a handmade card are some thoughtful tokens of your friendship, and can go a long way in showing how much you care!

Which of these Friendship Day ideas did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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