Heart-Melting Ways To Propose To Your Better Half This Valentine’s Day


February 7, 2020

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It is the season of love and our serial actors surely look confused, while trying to confess their love for each other. While Vedanth of Gattimela has still not identified his feelings for Amulya, Anu from Jothe Jotheyali struggles to confess her love for Arya before he leaves for London. Arya, on the other hand, is denying the fact that he loves Anu, although he has already accepted that he loves her once but has still not told her.

We hope you aren’t as confused about proposing to your loved ones in real life as these characters are in reel life. But on second thought, even if you are, we are here to save you from all the confusion with five ways to woo your lover this Valentine’s Day!

Get All Filmy

We all love rom-coms, don’t we? Take one of your favourite movies or your partner’s all-time-fave rom-com and use the cheesiest yet cutest dialogue from the same, to propose to him/her. Well, it might just be the cutest and the most unique way of asking them to be yours!

Out Of The City

If you want your proposal to be something out of this world, take your date somewhere away from the city or to a beautiful destination. Get some alone time with them and tell them exactly what you feel for them, without any interference.

Amulya tries to confess her love for Vedanth
Amulya tries to confess her love for Vedanth

A Date At 8

Everyone loves food. Well, what better way than to express your love over something you love so much? Take your beloved to their favourite restaurant and don’t be shy to tell them about how you feel for them over one hearty meal. If going out is not the type of proposal you’d like to carry out, then make a special meal or even a dessert if your better half has a sweet tooth.

Spell It Out

Letters are so rare but special. They’re an old-school and classic way of confessing your lover and honestly, one can express better when they pen down their feelings. So, don’t wait to put pen to paper! Tell your special one how you exactly feel this Valentine’s Day.

The Sing-Song Way

We all have memories attached to music or a certain song. Take a song that the two of you connect to or a track that explains your feelings best and tell them how they’re perfect for you!

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