Have Phulpakhru’s Tanya And Revati Kept Their Rivalry Aside And Become Friends? See Pic

The Phulpakhru actresses Trushna Chandratre and Rupal Nand share a warm friendship in real life!

Manjiri Shete

August 19, 2019


2 min


The important thumb rule of friendship is you cannot like the same boy which your best friend likes. Those who have failed to follow this rule have witnessed broken friendship with their loved ones. Similarly, in reel life of Phulpakhru, Tanya and Revati cannot coexist in the same room because of their feelings for Sameer. We have seen the major drama go down between the trio after Tanya and Revati came face-to-face. However, surprisingly, the situation in real life between the actresses Trushna Chandratre and Rupal Nand is quite the opposite. Have we got you curious? Check below!

Watch an episode of Phulpakhru below:

In Phulpakhru, we have seen Trushna and Rupal essay Tanya and Revati’s characters respectively. On the reel, these ladies have been against each other after Tanya caught her boyfriend, Sameer, holding Revati’s hand. This resulted in Sameer and Tanya’s breakup making her hate Revati all the more. If you think the same enmity is carried off the screen too, then you are absolutely mistaken. The Phulpakhru actresses are very close to each other and often share pictures hugging and smiling with each other.  Have a glimpse below.

Rupal’s caption definitely made us laugh as the fans of the show were very supportive of them. After seeing this tight friendship, we hope everything returns back to normal in their reel life, too. In Phulpakhru, they both essay strong female characters and you know, we love nothing more than seeing women empowering women. As you read this, what are your thoughts on their friendship? Tell us in the comments below!

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