Hats Off To Samantha Akkineni For The July 21 Water Bucket Challenge

Ye Maaya Chesave star initiates it for her fans on July 21 to highlight the growing water crisis. We tell you how else to save water.

Promita Mukherjee

July 19, 2019


3 min


Chennai had to be sent water in trains after the city ran out of it. Parts of Maharashtra has a drought every year. Several Indian cities are expected to run out of groundwater as early as next year, and this includes the national capital of New Delhi. Hyderabad, too, is suffering from a severe water crisis where a lot of areas of the city are only getting limited water supply. Keeping that in mind, we completely laud the challenge that Ye Maaya Chesave star Samantha Akkineni has thrown at us, her fans.

On her social media post, she gave us the One Bucket Challenge. Samantha wrote: “Who’s with me ? This Sunday.. One bucket challenge.. (with pictures).. no long showers , no washing vehicles , no leaving the tap on while you wash your face ….. I will post a pic of my bright blue bucket as well (no cheating) #everydropcounts.” Several stars followed her lead and urged their fans to take it up too. Next Nuuve star Rashmi Gautam posted the ‘Waterless car wash challenge’. She wrote: “We can save upto 300 litres of water per car monthly by using waterless car wash concentrate widely available online and in the stores.” Brahmotsavam star Kajal Aggarwal too posted Samantha’s July 21 message.

water bucket challenge samantha akkineni
Full text of the Water Bucket Challenge Samantha Akkineni has shared on social media (Source: Twitter)

Take up the challenge. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Save water in the bathroom. Check if there are any leaks because, every drop actually counts. Fix the leaks at the earliest.
  2. Turn of the tap while brushing or shaving. Don’t let the water run. That way, you can save approximately 10 litres of water. Do the same while washing your hands.
  3. Take shorter showers. Use the bucket instead.
  4. Reuse water as much as possible.
  5. Don’t leave the tap open while washing or rinsing the dishes.
  6. Use the defrost option while cooking frozen food instead of soaking it in water.
  7. Run the washing machine only when you have enough clothes to wash.
  8. Put an alarm for the water pump to save it from overflowing.
  9. Use a bucket to wash your car instead of a hose pipe.

Save water for tomorrow. For more entertainment, watch Jersey on ZEE5.

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