Hathras Gangrape Case: Kriti Sanon Is So Angered By The Incident That She ‘Can’t Think Of A Punishment That Would Be Enough For Such Brutality’

Kriti Sanon has mirrored our feelings after we heard about the horrendous gangrape in Hathras. While she doesn’t think any punishment will be good enough, we feel it’s time to let the action speak louder than words.

September 29, 2020


2 min


Yet another rape, yet another woman violated, yet another woman assaulted, yet another woman heinously tortured, a woman who died without justice being served to her and she was a Dalit. It boils your blood, you fear for yourself and your daughter. When will this country ever be safe for women? Every government, be it BJP or Congress, has failed to protect us and it’s not just us, but Bollywood too is angered by it. Akshay Kumar recently tweeted asking for the culprits to be hanged and now Kriti Sanon has reacted to it. Given the way the woman was tortured who eventually succumbed to her injuries today, Kriti doesn’t know what should be the right punishment for the culprits. Akshay Kumar is Angry and Frustrated to Hear about Hathras Gang-Rape Case, Suggests Hanging the Culprits

Kriti too is deeply enraged by what happened. We agree with her. None of the accepted punishments are enough for the men who did this to the poor girl.

Kriti also added further what such news stories do to her…

We also agree we need stricter rules but will that truly be enough. Shouldn’t the action speak louder than words this time?

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