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ZEE5’s PLAY section is full of amazing games for the youngsters as well as the adults alike. Game On!

Ankita Tiwari

July 25, 2020


3 min


Happy Video Games Day! Confused? Don’t be! Video games day is not a new concept that has propped up. In fact, it has been in the line of the celebratory days even before our Valentine’s Day! Video Games day is celebrated all over the world. The gamers and the video game lovers try to break each other’s high scores on this day. As an ode to the beloved video games that demarcate and dominate a major proportion of our lives today, let us play a few video games.

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The first video game founded in the year 1958 looked much like tennis onscreen. From Pong to Car Race, the video games shuffled between the idea of enjoyment and intelligence. Today, video games like PUBG and Clash Of Clans have become a source of income for many and have become an occupation for some! There are people who live stream themselves while playing video games. Slowly but steadily, video games have made a place for themselves in our world. Nowadays, children would know how to play a video game before they know how to play an outdoor game! Just as the world goes flapping its wings towards the future, let us also take a step ahead and celebrate this occasion by playing some video games! And this time we have a valid reason right?

ZEE5’s PLAY section is full of amazing games for the youngsters as well as the adults alike! The PLAY section has games that range from the BoBoiBoy Galaxy Run: A Fight Against Aliens to Fashion Holic: Somewhere you can be a fashionista and earn likes and hearts! The games are a mix of enjoyment, fun, and lessons. For instance, the racing games will instil a spirit of healthy competition amongst the kids which is the need of the hour! Again, the simpler games are made for the likes of children and adults both!

The Nitro Street Drag Mode is one of the most chilling drag racing game that has the ability to keep you occupied for hours at length! How cool to be a Ninja right? The game Ninja Up gives you some suave jumping skills! Must try this one. But one of the most useful and important games or might we say the lesson is that of Mindwars. It actually upgrades your thinking abilities and makes you a brainy kid on the block.

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