Happy Birthday Trushna Chandratre! 5 Reasons Why We Love The Phulpakhru Actress!

Manjiri Shete

December 16, 2019


3 min


 Trushna Chandratre or Phulpakhru’s Tanya, as some of you might know her, has time and again impressed us in real as well as reel life. On the occasion of her 21st birthday, we take a look at 5 things, that we absolutely love about the actress. Have a look.

Watch an episode of Phulpakhru below:

1. We are wowed by her fashion -savvy attitude

If you have fine-combed through Trushna’s Instagram as extensively as we have, then you couldn’t have missed her impeccable fashion sense. The actress is always seen experimenting with her style and isn’t afraid to try out unconventional looks. From ethnic to bohemian outfits, Trushna has nailed each appearance with seamless ease and has inspired us. 

2. We love her smile!

Trushna’s million-dollar smile wins major brownie points. In all her pictures, the actress is always seen flaunting her bright smile, which has the ability to cheer up anyone!

3. You can’t rule out her amazing acting skills

Trushna’s powerful performance in Phulpakhru, stands as a testament to her impressive acting skills. Even though she had a supporting role in the show, she never failed to demand attention.  Our favourite scene from the show till date, is the one which featured a fight between Sameer and her. The actress showed us, what it feels like to go through a heartbreak.

4. Her modesty wins our hearts

 Even though she is a popular name, Trushna remains grounded. We have seen her showing her generosity, by showering her Phulpakhru co-stars with compliments. Back when the show ended, the actress opened up about her unforgettable working experience, by crediting her co-stars.

5. We get inspired by  her positive attitude

Trushna is always brimming with positivity. Her energy, enthusiasm towards life and career, are motivational.

 We would love to know your favourite trait of Trushna’s Give her a shoutout in the comments section below.

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