Happy Birthday Dilip Prabhavalkar! Shriyut Gangadhar Tipre, Zapatlela – Revisiting 6 Of His Most Memorable Films And TV Shows

On the veteran actor’s 76th birthday, let’s look at some of his works that we simply cannot forget!

Kedar Koli

August 4, 2020


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Considered to be a gem of the Marathi film industry, Dilip Prabhavalkar celebrates his 76th birthday today. The veteran actor has got four decades worth of acting experience working in films and TV shows. Apart from Marathi, Dilip has appeared in several films of Bollywood and Tollywood. The actor has put us in awe every time with the versatility in the roles that he played throughout his career. On his birthday, let’s revisit some of his most memorable works in films and TV shows. We begin with his role of Tatya Vinchu in Zapatlela.

Watch Dilip in the film Zapatlela here.

1. Tatya Vinchu in Zapatlela

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Dilip had featured as a notorious villain named Tatya Vinchu in the film directed by Mahesh Kothare. Although his screen time was negligible in the film, Dilip did a flawless job with his frightening voiceover of the doll Tatya Vinchu. The character went down in history as the most unforgettable villains of all time thanks to Dilip’s performance. Watch it here.

2. Aaba in Shriyut Gangadhar Tipre

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Aaba from Shriyut Gangadhar Tipre was one such character that stayed on with us years after the show went off-air. In this light-hearted family drama, Dilip played the role of jolly and kind-hearted Aaba Tipre who kept the family intact. Aaba’s on-point advice to his family was something that every middle-class Maharashtrian could relate to. Agreed?

3. B. R Bhagwat in Faster Fene

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Dilip was also a part of the blockbuster film Faster Fene along with Amey Wagh, Parna Pethe, and Girish Kulkarni. The veteran actor played the role of real-life character B. R Bhagwat who was credited for writing the novel upon which the film is based. Dilip impressed everyone with his sharp acting in this fast-paced thriller drama. We recommend that you give it a try because you just can’t miss out on this one. You can watch the film here.

4. Appa in Zala Bobhata

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Zala Bobhata took us through a rollercoaster ride of the protagonist Appa. The actor played the role of a sick old man who makes the entire village dance around with his hilarious antics. This absurdly funny character portrayed by Dilip reminded everyone of their grandparents. You can stream the film on ZEE5 here.

5. Appa in Poshter Boyz

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Dilip was also part of the superhit film Poshter Boyz co-starring Aniket Vishwasrao and Hrishikesh Joshi. This time around the actor was cast as a small-town farmer who finds himself on a poster promoting vasectomy. His on-screen presence and dialogue delivery made the film a joy to watch. Check it out here.

6. Akhande in Jayjaykar

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The actor has appeared in many socially relevant films and Jayjaykar is one amongst them. Dilip played the role of the retired old man Mr Akhande who gives refuge to a group of eunuchs who have been outcast by society. Not only does he provide them shelter but also inspires them to live a dignified life. Watch this brilliant film on the actor’s birthday here.

We wish this amazing actor a very happy birthday! May he live long and continue to entertain us with his theatrical talents. Post your birthday wishes for this veteran actor in the comment section below.

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