Happy B’day Thalaiva: The Best Rajinikanth Jokes In Honour Of His 69th birthday

Ashutosh Oak

December 12, 2019


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1. Happy Birthday Rajinikanth Aka The Boss!

From a bus conductor in Bangalore Transport Services to a superstar in Indian cinema, actor Rajinikanth has seen it all. He is one of the most popular personalities around the world. He initially started his career with Tamil Cinema in 1975 and now i.e 40 years later his movies are dubbed in almost all of the languages that are spoken in India. Among all the celebrities in Indian cinema, Rajinikanth enjoys has a huge, loyal and supportive fanbase.

Recently, there have been memes about the superstar that have taken the internet by storm. It is not to demean the actor but just another way to show their love towards him. We are quite sure that you have already had a great laugh after watching those funny memes that are already available. But hey, folks, there’s a new stock of memes and we thought it would be the perfect time to share them with you as it is 12th of December which marks Thalaiva’s birthday.

2. Take Your Time Taken Seriously!

Time waits for none, except Thalaiva himself.

3. Nasa Guys Taking Lessons From Rajini Anna

As they like to call it in the movies, he is a weapon of mass destruction.

4. Mystery Solved

Did you imagine this? Even we didn’t!

5. Run For Your Life

No, using an incognito window won’t help you.

6. That's Real Music

What the fun in playing guitar on a guitar, do something new.

7. Can You Guess Which Bank It Was?

To make it clear, he is one of the most respected and loyal taxpayers of India.

8. Don't Trying Doing The Same, You Might Get Disappointed

Exclusively available for the superstar. Do not try this next time you visit the restaurant.

9. No One Has The Power To Fight The Almighty!

Imagine, Hindi being used as an international language all over the world for business. But hey, would it be Tamil?

10. Whoaaaaa!

Literally can’t stop laughing!

Which of the above was the most hilarious one? Lets us know in the comments section below.

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