Happu Ki Ultan Paltan: What To Do If Your Partner Is Jealous Of Your Friend?

Ashutosh Oak

September 10, 2019


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Rajesh Is Jealous Of Beni

The popular sitcom Happu Ki Ultan Paltan is one of the most entertaining TV shows on the channel. What attracts the audience is its simple presentation of an ordinary family doing extraordinary things.  In one episode of the show, we saw Happu’s wife Rajesh getting jealous of his best friend Beni because he gets to spend more time with him.

If you missed out the episode, watch it below:

When Amma learned about this problem, she suggested Rajesh to become Happu’s friend and this only made the situation worse. How did it sort out? Watch the episode to find out. But hey, do you relate to this situation? Does your partner get jealous when you spend time with your friends? Worry not, we will help you with these 7 tips that can help you to deal with it.

1. Keep Calm

When most of us get to know that our partner is jealous of our friend, we often react Whhaattt! Well, in such matters it is important for you to be calm. These things are little sensitive and even a single word can do serious damage.

2. Understand Your Partner's Concern

It is really important for you to communicate with your partner and get to know what is the root cause of the problem. You may not believe but most of the time, a small action becomes the reason for a huge fight. To avoid such things, talk to your partner and know what is bothering them.

3. Reassure Your Partner

Understand that every fight is only because you want to be with each other. Keep this thought at the top of your mind while talking about such things. In case you feel your partner is afraid of losing you or a bit possessive, reassure them that you are going to stay.

4. Introduce Them Casually

Only if you haven’t done it yet. Be it a man or a woman, this applies to all. It is important to introduce your partner with your friends so that she or he gets an idea about you in the social circle. Many people expereince that their partner is totally a different person when they are in their social life. Here is the best tip, give some extra information about your partner to your friends so that they will be able to make them comfortable. Psst, it always works well.

5. Secret's Aren't Good

In the show, we saw how Happu tried to avoid Rajesh becoming his friend because he was afraid that she might get to know all his secrets. Just like this, if you keep secrets from your partner about your plans and other things then it just worsens the situation. If you are confused then we must remind you that we are talking about secrets and not privacy and space.

6. Avoid Comparison

This often happens unknowingly that we compare two different individuals for the same thing. This, in a way, creates a thought in the partner’s mind that they are less important. Our suggestion for such a thing would be that such comparisons must be avoided.

7. Refresh Your Relationship

After reading the above pointers you must have got an idea on how to deal with the issue but the important point is still pending. You need to refresh your relationship just like a car needs servicing after a period of time. It is important for a healthy relationship as it betters the communication between the two.

To summarize all the pointers in one sentence, its all about love, patience, understanding and communication. If you get these right, everything will be smooth and we assure you that.

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