Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 12 August 2019 Preview: Rajesh Learns About Happu’s Plan

Ashutosh Oak

August 9, 2019


1 min


In tonight’s episode of Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, Happu comes near Beni’s house and apologises to him for being rude. He says that he realised his mistake when he learned about Rajesh and Amma’s plan to break their friendship. Next day, Happu starts flirting with Karishma and asks her if she wants to go on a ride. Later, Karishma tells Rajesh about Happu’s behaviour. At night, when Happu Singh comes home, Rajesh starts beating him for flirting with her friend. To defend himself, Happu says that she cannot complain about his behaviour because she is now his friend. 

Watch the latest episode below:

In the preview of the next episode, before going to the police station, Happu meets Beni and tells him how he asked Rajesh to help him flirt with her friend, Karishma. When Rajesh comes out to give the tiffin, she quickly hides near the wall and overhears their conversation.   

What do you think will happen in the next episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments with the hashtag #HappuKiUltanPaltan.

Watch the episodes of Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, here.

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