Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 02 January 2020 Written Update: Happu To Find Out The Truth?


January 2, 2020


5 min


In tonight’s episode of Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, the troubles of a dented car still haunt all the kids at Happu’s house. In the morning, they are able to stop their father from seeing the dent on the car, by volunteering to wash it.  Beni notices their worried expressions and starts to question all of their motives. When he enquires, all the kids laugh nervously and try to shut him up. All of these reactions make Beni even more suspicious and he promises the kids that he will find out the truth about the car. After this exchange with their neighbor, Happu’s kids realise that Beni may have seen them drive the car last night. To ensure that they are out of trouble, they decide to plead in front of Rajesh and ask her, to cover up for them. 

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It is decided that Ranbir and Chamchi will take the responsibility of talking to their mother, Rajesh.  The two argue at first and then when their mother approaches them, they start to talk like parrots. They tell her about how they have set up a plan to sleep early and once everyone in the house is asleep, all of them will get into the car. When Rajesh asks them how they managed to catch hold of the keys, they tell her that the two of them stole the keys from under Happu’s lungi.  Hearing about their misadventures, Rajesh gets worried and at that exact moment, the kids’ grandmother walks in and tells all of them that she has overheard their conversation.

Upon hearing this, the kids go and beg for her to forgive them. Rajesh adds that she is worried about her kids and their safety and requests her mother-in-law to help her out. Outside the house, Happu is getting ready to leave for work and finds out that the kids have parked the car and the scooter, in a wrong manner. As he is a little too possessive about the car, he gets curious and starts questioning the kids.. This angers his mother, and she tells him to leave immediately. As he makes way to leave, Chamchi almost lets the cat out of the bag, by telling him about last night. Everyone, including the grandmother, try and ensure that Happu doesn’t stay in the courtyard for long.


Soon Kamlesh reaches with a mechanic, who informs the family that he will need to take the car away for more than three days, to fix the dent on it. This worries the entire family, as they wonder about how they will keep the same hidden from Happu. Kamlesh offers help by telling them about his uncle’s car, which looks exactly like Happu’s car, and can be used to replace the former. All of them are happy to have found a solution, for the problem. But on the other hand, Kamlesh’s uncle visits Happu at the police station, to report the theft of his car. 

In the upcoming episode, we see Kamlesh’s uncle and Beni standing in Happu’s courtyard, next to the blue car. Happu, who thinks this car is his, starts to fight with the uncle when he talks rudely to his (Happu’s) mother. Kamlesh and Beni try to stop the fight and Happu pushes Kamlesh, who collides with the car’s number plate. This makes the fake plate fall down, and everyone is shocked. 

Will Happu find out that this isn’t his car? Do the kids plan to confess? How will Kamlesh’s uncle react? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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