Guess What! Trinayani’s Dripto Is A Poet. We Got You All The Proof!

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February 27, 2020


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As Aristotle quipped: “Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history, for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.” And Gourab Roy Chowdhury, who plays the dashing protagonist in the Bengali TV serial Trinayani, bares his soul with some heartfelt poems that he regularly posts on social media. Don’t believe us? Check out these literary gems from him below!

“Let there be fresh thought, the old giving way for the new. You, my tongue-tied friend, are my love and my word.”

These couplets in Bengali express emotional depth and a vulnerability that is extremely touching.

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অভ্যেস ফ্রি গুলিবিদ্ধ উপহারের তাজমেহেল, লাল গোলাপ গুলো শুকিয়ে আসছে বাগানে।। মন ছিলো বরাবরই বিদেশি, প্রাণ ছিলো না আর, অবশ চোখের কোণে।। চাইলেও কিছু ভাবনা পাল্টানো যায় না।। ইচ্ছে গুলো হোক প্রিয়।। অভ্যেস গুলো যান্ত্রিক থাক।। কারণ লুকিয়ে অভ্যেসটা আজকাল, বড্ডো শোক প্রিয়।। সম্পর্ক গুলো গুলিয়ে গেছে, টাকিলা শট এ মদ্যপ রাত্রি হিট।। টেক্ট এ শেক্স খোঁজে ঘুমিয়ে পড়া চোখ, সকালে উঠেই সিকিউর প্রেম কে রাখতে হবে তো, অনুভূতি ছাড়াই আলতা সিঁদুরে ফিট।। অনেক গল্পের সুর নরম,, জমিদারী পোশাকে সবাই বাজিমাত।। সময়টা ছিলো কোনো এক স্মৃতির, বলতে না চাওয়ার একলা সুপ্রভাত।। গৌরব রায় চৌধুরী

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“The bullet-riddled gift of Taj Mahal, where the red roses are drying up in the garden. My mind was always a foreigner, there was no life in the numb corner of my eye. Some ideas can’t be changed at will. May the desires be precious, may the habits be instrumental.”

In these profound musings on human habit which are rich with metaphors, Gourab strings together words to paint a vivid picture.

Short and sweet, yet reflecting a well of emotions within! Who can resist such a hero?

This photo with the veteran actor who plays Dripto’s grandmother in the serial contains a tribute to all grandmoms that truly warms the heart. Likening grandmoms to a necklace of stars, with a smile that makes his day, this is a man that really knows how to show his love and appreciation.

A pithy nugget of wisdom in signature poetic style! Here’s a reminder to honour and cherish oneself too.

“Blessed lass…  your world will be as mine, the Earth is swathed in money. O happy girl, preserve your nature, as that of man’s is controversial.”

In a world wracked with turmoil and uncertainty, the poet implores us to treasure this life and remain true to our values.

Read these poignant lines dedicated to the vagaries of life, which can at times be tragic.

Take a look at this lighthearted sketch of romance that is as adorable as it is witty.

The handsome hero is stealing our hearts not only with his good looks, but with a charming sensitivity and powerful turn of phrase that we just cannot get enough of!  In fact, he is even prolific and posts regularly. A poem a day can keep the blues at bay, so be sure to check out more from him on his page.

Did Dripto inspire you to pen a few lines of your own? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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