Guddu Episode 1-5 Review: The Adventures At Dhimkana Nagar Are Super Entertaining

When Munni, Tuktuk and the other rabbits go missing, Guddu is summoned to help their families. Read on to know how Guddu helps them.

Ankita Tiwari

May 12, 2020


4 min


ZEE5 Kids is a special initiative by ZEE5. They bring a specially curated list of animated shows and films for kids to add to their #NonStopBachFUN, especially during this difficult time when kids cannot go out in the open and play, or go out to meet friends because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

These shows are sure to engage, entertain and educate them, and make staying home a little more fun! Guddu is one such series. This ZEE5 original animated series, is based on a Lion named Guddu (voiced by Jaaved Jaaferi) and his animal friends of Dhimkana Nagar.

Watch an episode of the ZEE5 Original series Guddu here.

Guddu’s superhero abilities, his charm and wit win our hearts! He is always ready to help anyone in need. Along with his friends, he heads a city circus in Falana Nagar to bring joy and happiness in the animal’s lives. He can speak several languages. He is jovial, courageous and extremely protective of his gang. 

In the first few episodes, Guddu and his friends, Ballu, Ugli, Chugli, and Googly, etc. help the animals of Dhimkana Nagar, by restoring peace and maintaining law and order. Guddu looks after the jungle and its residents. When Munni, Tuktuk and the other rabbits go missing, Guddu is summoned to help their families. Guddu finds out that the rabbits are with Changul, a vulture. Chateri Pateri baba helps him crack the case!

Guddu and his friends in Dhimkana Nagar Circus
Guddu and his friends in Dhimkana Nagar Circus

While everyone praises Guddu, his arch-rival, a multi-millionaire cat, Billori plans to bring him down. Billori poses as the queen, and asks Guddu to save her. When Guddu does so, Billori implants a special device on Guddu’s tail. This tail has a control device and works according to it. The remote is with Billori and she takes the help of Dr. D (the donkey) to implement this task! But Billori’s plan fails, when Guddu discovers the truth and saves himself. He also takes revenge on Billori , her sidekicks, and Dr. D.

Source: ZEE5
Source: ZEE5

But Billori is miffed and tries to get back at Guddu, by using a special chip that changes personalities. Guddu’s personality changes with Veeru, Veeru’s changes with Chugli, and so on! They get saved when Guddu tackles the situation and helps them, as they are all about to embarrass themselves in front of the mayor! Next, Guddu saves Kuku and Kuki, a couple of cuckoo birds. He helps resurrect their home and they thank him profusely.

Source: ZEE5

Guddu’s life is in danger when the cactus people kidnap him, but the superhero helps his friends and himself out from their trap. Guddu even helps the cactus kingdom by uplifting their curse as they return back to their normal animal selves!  Guddu and his friends live their life by performing at the circus, and they have a many fans.Don’t you think Guddu’s adventures are worth a watch?

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