Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Written Update 18 September 2020: Choti Guddan Promises To Become A Chef

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Janhvi Sharma

September 17, 2020


3 min


In the latest episodes of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, Durga, Laxmi take Choti Guddan with them as they get the original property papers of AJ’s restaurant. But Saraswati hits them with the iron rod and ties them to the chair. She takes the property papers and goes to make deal with Pushpa. Choti Guddan tries her best to stop Saraswati from making the deal but is helpless. Even Saraswati and Durga try hard to free themselves in time to save the restaurant from being handed over to Pushpa Birla. Durga tells Choti Guddan to save her father’s restaurant and her cousin brother helps. Choti takes the help of Pushpa’s son.

Watch the premiere episode here.

In the upcoming episode, Choti Guddan tries her level best to save her father’s restaurant from Saraswati who is willing to sell it to Pushpa for money. Pushpa Birla gets angry seeing Choti Guddan and pulls her ears. Saraswati threatens Choti Guddan and tries to scare her. On the other hand, both Durga and Laxmi tell Pushpa that they have real property papers and the restaurant belongs to Choti. Saraswati denies the allegations and tries to prove that she is the owner of the restaurant. Choti promises to become a chef and make her parents proud. Durga and Laxmi teach Saraswati a lesson for life and beat her with shoes. They throw her out from Jindal Bhavan. The show takes a leap of 20 years, Choti Guddan is introduced as a teenager. Choti looks exactly like her mom but lacks confidence.

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