Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega BTS Pictures Hint At Major Twists And Turns

Janhvi Sharma

July 22, 2020


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18. Guddan reveals Ganga’s evil face


In the picture, AJ and Guddan return home with their child. Guddan is seen holding peacock’s feather in her hand and shows it to Ganga. What will happen in the upcoming episodes ? Will Ganga try yet another move to ruin Guddan’s life? Stay tuned for more updates on Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega.

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17. AJ and Guddan holds the culprit


Ganga gave money to the couple and told them to take Guddan’s child. Guddan and AJ try their level best to find their daughter and suddenly they hold the real culprit. AJ tries to threaten him and they reveal the truth in front of them.

16. Ganga shocks everyone with her true intentions


Ganga comes in front of everyone and reveals her intention behind ruining Guddan and AJ’s life. Her evil avatar makes everyone shocked and they cannot believe her.

15. Guddan misses her baby


Once again Ganga tries yet another evil plan and gets successful in kidnapping Guddan’s baby. On the other hand, Guddan gets shocked to see the empty cradle and cries her heart out as she misses her baby.

14. Guddan feels helpless


The goons keep AJ on the gunpoint and Guddan feels helpess as she cannot do anything for her family. Meanwhile, someone kidnaps AJ and Guddan’s child.

13. Yet another major twist in the upcoming episodes


In the upcoming episode, Ganga plays a major stroke by calling goons to her house. The goons keep AJ at the gunpoint and Ganga tries to seek her revenge.

12. Ganga’s scary avatar


In this picture, Ganga’s latest avatar is quiet scary. She wears a white saree and leaves her tresses open. She is seen dancing around Guddan and others are seen crying.

11. Ganga tries to harm Laxmi


In the picture, Ganga tries to harm Laxmi and threatens to kill her with a piece of broken glass. Durga tries her level best to stop Ganga.

10. Ganga tries to blackmail Durga


In this picture, Ganga tries to emotionally blackmail Durga and cries in front of her. She gives a piece of paper to Durga and plays a smart game.

9. Ganga tries to sabotage the proofs


As the police start collecting the proofs they get inside the Jindal Bhavan, Ganga slowly tries to sabotage the proofs. Alekh sees Ganga and tries to save her from others.

8. Police interrogates everyone


AJ and Guddan calls cops to arrest people who were trying to take their daughter away from them. The team of police officials come to Jindal bhavan to interrogate. The cops arrest the culprit and start searching for proofs.

7. AJ gets teary-eyed


AJ and the entire Jindal family knows that Guddan gave birth to a stillborn child. AJ warns everyone to not reveal the truth in front of Guddan as he wants his wife to remain happy. He and Durga pray to Lord Krishna.

6. AJ calls the cops to arrest the culprits


Ganga gives money to people and tells them to lie that the baby belongs to them. The people come to Jindal bhavan and tell AJ that the baby is their daughter. Soon, AJ and Guddan comes to know that they are lying and they call the cops.

5. Guddan’s daughter is way too smart


When Ganga tries to harm Guddan’s daughter and gets into tricky situation. Guddan’s daughter is way too smart and makes Ganga and Alekh’s plan fail at every level.

4. Ganga executes her evil paln


After failing in kidnapping Guddan’s newborn baby, Ganga vows to seek revenge at any cost. In this snap, Ganga is seen holding Guddan’s baby in her arms and applying powder to her.

3. A funny dream sequence


Well, audiences will get to witness a funny and dreamy scene in the upcoming episodes of Guddan. In this picture, along with Guddan, Saraswati, Laxmi and Durga are seen flaunting their baby bump. While AJ is seen holding his wife and pampering her.

2. AJ takes care of his pregnant wife


In the latest episode, we saw how AJ took great care of his wife Guddan and made her feel special. AJ helped Guddan in household chores and stood by her side every time she needed him. Both AJ and Guddan are on the cloud nine these days.

1. Ganga is all set to seek revenge from Guddan by harming her newborn child


Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega features Kanika Mann and Nishant Singh Malkani and essays the role of Guddan and Akshat Jindal (AJ). The current storyline of Guddan has kept the audiences hooked to their show by introducing intriguing plot.The makers are leaving no stones unturned in making the show interesting by adding major twists and turns in the upcoming episodes. In the latest episode, Guddan gave birth to a baby girl and Ganga kidnaps her child. Ganga vows to seek revenge from Guddan for slapping an insulting her.

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