Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 23 July 2020 Preview: Ganga’s Another Master Plan Against Guddan

In the preview episode, Ganga plans yet another evil plan and sends a fake couple to Jindal bhavan. Will Guddan be able to prove that it is her baby?

Janhvi Sharma

July 22, 2020


1 min


In the last episode of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, Ganga loses her calm at the doctor for being the reason behind their failed plan. She decides to kill Guddan and AJ’s baby. On the other hand, Ganga and Avinash dress as a nurse and ward boy. The doctor tells them to give the injection to the baby before they leave. Ganga plans to execute their plan but suddenly Guddan comes to see her baby. Laxmi and Durga prepare for the baby’s first puja.

In the upcoming episode, the entire family prepares for the first puja of the newborn and gets excited about the naamkaran ceremony. On the other hand, Ganga plans something evil against Guddan and AJ. During the puja, a couple arrives at the Jindal Bhavan and claims to be the parents of the newborn baby. Guddan gets shocked listening to the couple. Will Guddan be able to prove that the baby is hers? What will happen next?

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