Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 10 October 2019 Written Update: AJ Tries To Win Over Alisha

In tonight’s episode, AJ tries to win over Alisha’s trust by telling her the truth about Antara, her mother. Will Alisha believe him?

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October 10, 2019


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In the previous episode of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, Guddan is shocked that Revathi was the one to bring Alisha in the house. Revathi goes to meet Alisha. Revathi wants Alisha to help her defeat Guddan but Alisha says she doesn’t need anyone’s help and sends Revathi away. Durga and Saraswati notice that Guddan has left the house. Guddan sets out to become a sanyasi but realises that she still in love with AJ and wants to be with him. She returns home and promises to try and become a good mother to AJ.

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In tonight’s episode, Guddan tells AJ that she will not leave him alone. She wants to be with AJ no matter what happens in his life. He tells Guddan that she will first try and bring some discipline to Alisha because she rude to everyone. That night AJ goes to Alisha’s room to speak to her.

He takes her hand and the finds spot where the doctor gave her an injection for the DNA test. He takes out a first aid kit and dresses the wound on her hand. He apologises for not believing her but says he doesn’t believe Saraswati. He says that he would be with her even if he had any idea that she was his daughter and alive.

Alisha says it was AJ’s fault for leaving Antara. AJ tries to tell her Antara’s truth, but Guddan interrupts AJ. She tells Alisha that AJ is no one to comment on Antara or Alisha’s life. Alisha tells AJ to leave her room before she beats him up. Guddan tries to convince Alisha to be nicer to everyone and give them a chance.

Still from Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega with Guddan
Guddan convinces AJ to wait before he tells Alisha about Antara.

But Alisha takes Guddan and throws her out of the room too. AJ tells Guddan that Alisha should find out the truth about Antara. Guddan says they will tell her Antara’s truth but only when the time is right. Saraswati goes with milk to Alisha’s room. She wants to figure out what is Alisha’s plan but instead Alisha threatens to beat her up.

The next morning, Guddan says she has prepared a lavish breakfast for Alisha’s first day in the house. AJ thanks Guddan for making efforts to become a good mother to Alisha. However, Alisha shows up just then and tells them she doesn’t want Guddan as her mother at all. Will Guddan manage to win over Alisha? Stay tuned to find out.

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