Holi Spl: Guddan And Preeta’s Favourite Sweet Dishes And Rangeen Mithai Recipes!

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March 3, 2020


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1. Meethi Gujiya Recipe By Sanjeev Kapoor

Just like you, your favourite Zee TV stars like Guddan (Kanika Mann) and Preeta (Shraddha Arya) from Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega and Kundali Bhagya also love celebrating the most colourful festival Holi. Apart from dressing up gorgeously, playing with water and gulaal, looks like these lovely actresses have a sweet tooth too! Well, who doesn’t like to have a happy Indian celebration without good food, especially some delicious mithai. It’s a joyful feeling to eat together with family and friends! And so, to make your Holi even sweeter and relishable, ZEE5 brings you lots of Desi Rangeen Mithai recipes that you should definitely try making:

Meethi Gujiya by Sanjeev Kapoor:

Form a dough by mixing maida with ghee and knead well. For the stuffing, take mawa, ghee and kishmish (raisins) and cook in a pan. Make pedas of the dough and wrap the stuffing into it by covering the edges. Then, deep fry them in oil until brown and crisp. Serve you gujiyas when hot!

2. Besan Ke Ladoo Recipe By Chef Gurdip

In this clip from All ’bout Cooking, Chef Gurdip presents the complete recipe of besan ke ladoo. A festive sweet made by roasting gram flour (besan) in ghee, adding sugar and clarified butter, and hand-rolling the mixture into a spherical shaped ladoos. Garnish each ladoo with dry fruits like almond and cashew!

3. Malpua Recipe By Chef Pallavi And Bharat

In this recipe video, Chef Pallavi invites Bharat Kumar to prepare malpua. He starts by making a sugar syrup and later adds it to the batter of this dessert. He leaves the batter overnight to ferment and then fries it. You can garnish the soft but crisp malpuas with milk kheer and chopped dry fruits!

4. Doodh Ki Phirni Recipe By Chef Gurdip

In this clip from All ’bout Cooking, Chef Gurdip presents the complete recipe of doodh ki phirni. This dessert is not only delicious but is also easy to make. Roast cashew nut, pistachio and almond in ghee in a pan. Add rice, sugar, water, milk, saffron (kesar), cardamom (elaichi) powder and condensed milk. Cook it well, garnish with nuts and serve hot!

5. Gehu Ki Kheer Recipe By Sanjeev Kapoor

Heat ghee in a pan, add daliya with water and half-cook it. Then, add some soaked rice. Cover it and cook after adding milk, jaggery, grated coconut and roasted khuskhus (poppy seeds) powder. Serve the hot kheer in a bowl and garnish it with sliced dry fruits!

6. Gulab Jamun Recipe By Sanjeev Kapoor

In this Khana Khazana recipe video, on the occasion of Holi, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor teaches you to make the classic sweet gulab jamun instantly, with milk powder. Along with that, you will need maida, soda bicarbonate, green cardamom (elaichi) powder, ghee, sugar and lemon juice. Make a dough by mixing all the ingredients and deep fry!

7. Mawa Petha Recipe By Chef Ranveer Brar

Chef Ranveer Brar brings to the table the delicious sweet dish called mawa petha. It is made of mawa and sugar syrup, garnished with dry fruits and mint leaves. Refrigerate the mawa mix after adding sugar and pistachio and roasting it in ghee. Then, cut the mawa blocks and pour sugar syrup on it. Serve cool!

8. Gud Ke Ladoo Recipe By Chef Pallavi And Anita Jain

Chef Pallavi invites Anita Jain to prepare gud ke laddoo. To prepare this delicious dessert, she makes a mixture and adds jaggery (gud), dry fruits and coconut to it. After roasting dry fruits in a pan, melt jaggery in it. Then, makes balls by rolling the mixture in your palms. Delicious ladoos are ready.

9. Ras Malai Creme Brulee Recipe By Maria Goretti

Maria Goretti starts by making Creme Brulee, by adding eggs yolks, castor sugar and whisking it. Add fresh cream, cardamom (elaichi) powder and saffron strands (kesar). Then, Next, she adds hot cream into it and sets the custard in ramekins, using ras malai as the base. She bakes it and serves with biscoito.

10. Motichoor Ke Ladoo Recipe By Chef Ranveer Brar

Chef Ranveer Brar presents a dessert called motichoor laddoo. A famous Indian festive sweet, it is made of sweetened, fried chickpea flour (besan) and rolled into circular shapes. Add water and salt to besan and make a batter. Fry boondi in ghee and add to the batter by straining it. Put them in sugar syrup and then dry. Make round balls in your palms. Serve hot!

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