Gondya Ala Re Review: Bhushan Pradhan Impresses As Damodar In This Gripping Series

The ZEE5 original Marathi series also features Anand Ingale, Sunil Barve and Pallavi Patil amongst others. Read our review inside!

Rukmini Chopra

August 16, 2019


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We are aware of many historic movements that took place during India’s freedom struggle such the ‘quit India movement,’ ‘non-cooperation movement,’ ‘Simon go back, etc. But how much do we know about the first ever rebellion, carried out by the Chapekar brothers? ZEE5’s original Marathi series Gondya Ala Re, sheds light on this revolution, that finds a mention amidst a paragraph or two, in our giant History textbooks. Starring Bhushan Pradhan, Sunil Barve, Pallavi Patil etc., this series highlights in detail an important historic event, that isn’t well known but certainly should be.

Watch the trailer here.

Gondya Ala Re tells the story of five brothers, who led a movement against the Britishers, for exploiting the citizens of Pune. In 1892, the city was riddled with a bubonic plague that caused several deaths. In order to look over the situation, British officer W.C Rand was stationed as the Plague commissioner. But under his rule, British officials indulged in the inhumane treatment of citizens. From stripping them naked on streets, to sexually exploiting women, to raiding people’s homes and causing destruction, these officers had their fun, in the pretext of ‘checking people’ for symptoms of plague.

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Bhushan Pradhan plays the main character Damodar Chapekar, and shines in every frame. The actor’s stellar performance is the best part about this series. He is restrained, intense and convincing. Watch out for the ending scene in the second episode where Damodar has an argument with Indian authorities serving the Britishers. Bhushan demands attention with his powerful dialogue. He is well supported by Kshitish (playing Bapurao), and Shivraj Waichal (playing Vasudev). The trio does justice to the legend of the Chapekar brothers. Sunil Barve is brilliant as Balgangadhar Tilak and even looks the part. Anand Ingale as Haribhau Chapekar is equally impressive. And Pallavi Patil as Damodar’s wife Durga leaves a lasting impression with her act.

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The series packs a punch with its visuals, thrilling narrative and fast-paced action. Kudos to director Ankur Kakatkar, for getting the aesthetics right on point. From the sets to the costumes, every detail has been looked into intricately. Gondya Ala Re manages to take viewers back to the era of 1892 and relive it, like it was. Each episode ends with a hook and flows effortlessly into the next. The series also manages to evoke patriotism and make us swell with pride, knowing the sacrifices our revolutionaries made to free this nation. A round of applause to the entire team for working towards making people aware about the Chapekar brothers and their bravery.

All in all, give this series a watch for its gripping treatment and exciting experience. Watch the first episode here and stay tuned for all the updates here.

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