Gondya Ala Re: 5 Visually-Stunning Scenes From This Bhushan Pradhan Starrer

Rukmini Chopra

August 24, 2019


1 min

1. Damodar releases Datta's ashes in the river

ZEE5 original Marathi series Gondya Ala Re starring Bhushan Pradhan, Pallavi Patil and Sunil Barve among others, highlights the legacy of the Chapekar brothers. They led the first ever rebellion in India against the Britishers during the plague that struck the city in 1892. There are several visually-stunning scenes in the series. We start the list with this scene where Damodar is seen releasing his brother Datta’s ashes in the river.

Watch the first episode of the series here.

The backdrop of this scene is stunning where Damodar’s silhouette is visible against the clear blue sky and water. What also helps is Bhushan’s heartwarming performance here. Do not miss this scene at any cost!

2. Datta joins the mission

The Chapekar brothers decide to revolt against the Britishers after seeing the atrocities that their fellow citizens were being subjected to. We see the group of four men seated on a flight of stairs. This scene is visually striking because of the brilliant balance of colours as well as the appealing cinematography. The Chapekar brothers are wondering whether Datta will join their mission and get elated when he appears, vouching to get justice for Punekars.

3. Damodar's army

In order to carry out a rebellion, Damodar decides to build his own army. He hires a bunch of youngsters and trains them. In one frame, we see his army facing the camera and this scene is powerful as its synonymous of the strong army that Damodar has built.

4. Ganesh aarti

Bal Gangadhar Tilak was a freedom fighter, responsible for having initiated the Ganesh festival. We get a glimpse of the same in the series and this scene is stunning where the man performs the aarti, joined by his fellow friends and family friends. Don’t miss the beautiful manner in which the idol is decorated here!

5. The Chapekars act out

Once they are ready, the Chapekars start acting out against the Britishers. In this scene, we see one brother attacking the officials and running away, as they chase him. This scene is a pleasure to watch as it’s not only filled with fast-paced action, but the backdrop and camera work are equally appealing.

Watch the series above and tell us which of these scenes you like the most in the comments section below. Catch all the episodes of Gondya Ale Re, streaming on ZEE5. 

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