#GhostWalkWithDivrun: Varun Sood, Divya Agarwal Take A Walk Through Mumbai’s Haunted Spots

The lead pair from the horror series Ragini MMS Returns Season 2, kicked off the New Year on a spooky note with a ‘Ghost Walk’ in Girgaon.

Kenneth Carneiro

January 3, 2020


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The series finale of Ragini MMS Returns Season 2, released on 29 December 2019. The lead pair on the show, Divya Agarwal and Varun Sood, mention that they still get messages from fans complimenting them for their roles and the story of the show. They carried the horror vibe into 2020 as well when they started their #NewYear2020 with another spooky experience.

They took the #GrislyGirgaon Ghost Walk around some of the most haunted places in Mumbai. The walk brings out the history of Mumbai and connects it to supernatural occurrences and ghost stories passed down from generations. Varun joked that he agreed to do this activity in the morning, and by nightfall, when he completed all research about it, he was already scared.

The walk began with a 20 feet Portuguese cross which had bodies of over 100 soldiers buried under it. We continued walking to a haunted house where one of our camera lights shockingly broke. We went on to a haunted horse stable that has now become an old villa. A little ahead we see the spot where there were sightings of a ghost tongawala. Our fears subsided when we were taken to see a ghost who helps people possessed by other ghosts.

After the entire tour was completed we asked Varun and Divya about their experience on their walk. Varun said, “I would give it an 8 out of 10 because this area is surrounded by graveyards from three sides. I was hoping, as well as not hoping, to see something.”

Divya added, “I would give it a 7. I was less scared because we went in a big group and the tour guides knew the places well. If I was alone it would be 100 on 10.”

Scroll here to see the highlights from the the #GhostWalkWithDivrun.

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When asked if they believe in ghosts both Varun and Divya immediately said “Yes!” Divya mentions, “I have not had any personal experiences with ghosts but I had heard a lot of true stories.” Varun tells us, “I lived in Delhi’s most haunted area Delhi Cantonment for a good eight years. So I have heard too many stories from friends and family. I also encountered a ghost but I didn’t realise that it must have been a ghost until I got home.”

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