Getting Nostalgic With Pal Pal Dil Ke Pass Star Aakash Ahuja

In an exclusive interview with us, Aakash Ahuja talks about his career and the diverse performances he has done in the past.


July 28, 2020


6 min


Akash Ahuja is an extremely talented Indian actor. Besides Indian TV shows, he has also been seen in short Indian films when he took his acting career seriously around the year 2013. Did you know that besides being an actor, he has also achieved a doctorate in physical therapy from one of the universities in the US? He got interested in acting and simultaneously started learning it along with his studies.

You can watch the trailer of his debut film Pal Pal Dil Ke Pass here:

In a very candid interview with us, Aakash spoke about his work trajectory and what has he been up to.


1. Firstly how are you feeling and what have you been up to?

I am feeling grateful for being alive and being around my family. Being around the people I love and feeling safe. I have been reading scripts, discussing projects, sending self-tests since I’m not in Bombay. I’m just waiting for the situation to get better so that we can go on the flow and start shooting again.

2. You have a very strong rishta with ZEE since you have worked for two shows on the channel and your debut movie is also on the platform. How does it feel?

ZEE has felt like a home to me since I have already done two shows with this channel. After I got to know that Pal Pal Dil Ke Pass is also ZEE’s project, I felt that the Rishta has grown stronger. I wish to grow it even more in the upcoming years to come. Hopefully, ZEE also feels the same about my work.

3. So tell us about your journey, what has it been like?

My journey has been a continuous learning process. It has been full of ups and flaws and coming from television gives you one advantage that you don’t run away from hard work. I also believe that there is still a lot of work to do and a lot for me to learn.

4. You also don’t have any film background and have broken ground on your talent. How was that like?

I’m not from a film background but I’m very proud of the background I come from. My background and experience have shaped and made me a person I am today. This is the mantra that has been giving me the strength to keep going on and on. It was a proud moment for my family to see me in the movie and it feels that there is still a very long way for me to go.

5. You played two completely different personalities on both the shows. How was the experience?

In Qubool hai was a very grey character I played. A very young boy influenced by all the ladies in the show. I found this role extremely interesting and I got very good feedback from the audiences. TV Ke Uss Paar serial was about a very homely and extrovert boy. It was kind of emotional for me for the mother and son relationship that was there in the show. It was surprisingly a comedy that I never did before. Both of these shows were a great learning experience for me and they were equally interesting.

6.  Was there any apprehension when you debuted with a negative role?

Oh no, never, I have never been apprehensive about whatever I have been doing whether it’s a negative role or a positive role. Being an actor I never judge myself about all the characters I am playing. I think one has to empathize and believe in the characters they play. The honesty has to be there for people to relate with it and believe in you be it negative or positive.


7.  What do you miss about being on sets?

I miss the camera, I miss the script, and the preparations and that feeling that you get before the director calls the action on set, that adrenaline… Yaa…everything about the sets.

8. What message would you like to give to your fans?

Please be kind to everyone around you.  This is the time that we have been given to make amends and reflect. Also, take care of yourselves physically and mentally. Take all the necessary precautions if you have to step out and I love each and every one of you, so don’t forget me.

You can binge-watch Qubool Hai and Tv K Uss Paar only on ZEE5

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