Get To Know Your Favourite Top 10 Contestants From Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Keralam

Tom Francis

March 5, 2020


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The talented 10 from Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Keralam are nearing the final stages of the fierce competition to find Kerala’s next pop voice. We all have our favourite singers in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Keralam, and here is everything you need to know about them.

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#1 Libin Scaria

Hailing from Kaliyar near Thodupuzha, Libin Scaria is the leading contestant holding the first rank in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Keralam. He is an aspiring playback singer who has completed his Master’s in Physics. Libin is popular among his fans for his performances in Duet Challenge Round where he hasn’t lost a single round.

#2 Bharat Sajikumar

The heartthrob of the show, Bharat Sajikumar is one of our favourite singers for his many antics and fun moments with Jeeva. Romantic songs are his forte and he is also an amazing performer when it comes to peppy numbers. Bharat’s rendition of the song Walking in the Moonlight is one of the most memorable performances on the show. The contestant, after his recent performances on the show, holds the seventh rank on the show.

#3 Keerthana S K

Keerthana S K from the very beginning has been called the all-rounder for her soulful renditions of all sorts of songs and styles.  She was the youngest contestant from Star Singer in 2010 who won a lot of hearts with her soulful voice. The graduation student has never lost a single Duet Challenge Round on the show and is in the second position next to Libin.

#4 Aswin P

With his own personal improvisations to his performances, Aswin has been a worthy contender in the top 5 ranks of the show from the beginning. His stellar performances in A R Rahman round and Duet Challenge round garnered him with a lot of attention for his peculiar voice. A techie by profession, Aswin, at third position, is a clear contender for the prize besides Keerthana and Libin.

#5 Narayani

Hailing from a musical family, Narayani Gopan is the daughter of popular Malayalam playback singer Kallara Gopan. The singer used to be a social worker and rehabilitated juveniles before the show. She is rightly called as Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’s powerpack for her powerful voice and rocking performances on the show. Narayani is a major challenger for the top 3 positions with her perfect renditions and rocking performances on the show.

#6 Akbar Khan  

Akbar Khan has been an audience favourite for his elegant voice and soulful performances. Akbar is an inspiration to many singers out there as he is not a trained singer and reached the top 10 with constant practice and hard work. Akbar’s recent performance with Jasim in Duet Challenge Round earned him a blockbuster and secured his spot in the 5th rank on the show.

#7 Swetha Ashok

Shwetha’s renditions in A.R Rahman round garnered her a lot of social media buzz and she is a contestant who has maintained her quality in singing from day one. The singer quit her college teaching job to pursue her love for music and kickstarted her career in the industry with a Gopi Sundar song in a recent Mammootty movie. With more than 5 blockbuster performances to her name, Shwetha secured her spot in the top 10 with her position in 6th rank.

#8 Sreejish Kannan

With his heartfelt rendition of the song ‘Oh Mridule’, Sreejish was quick to steal all of our hearts with his voice. Did you know that Sreejish is the voice behind the title song of Pookalam Varavayi? The singer garnered a lot of fans for his blockbuster performance with the song Kannana Kanne and is the 8th rank holder.

#9 Jasim Jamal

Jasim Jamal will always have a special place in all of our hearts for being that melodious duet singer with contestant Neelima earlier on the show. He is always up for a challenge and has been a contender in the top 5 for long. The graduation student hailing from Thrissur pursues his love for music and is trained under renowned musician Ustad Fayaz Khan. Jasim is the 9th rank holder on the show and has proved that he is a definite challenge for everyone on his way to the top.

#10 Punya Pradeep

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Keralam fans can never forget the mesmerising rendition of the song Akale from Punya in solo round performances. Punya has been singing from a very young age of 5 and her tangible voice is perfect for slow melodies. The singer kept her hopes alive to be a part of the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Keralam top 10 with her mesmerising performances in Duet Challenge Rounds.

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