GENES Promo Review: An Interesting And Fun Reality Show Premieres This Weekend

Yes! The game is based on exactly what you think it is; Genes! But hang on, there is a huge twist. Find out what else we learnt…

Parinika Uchil

January 15, 2020

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One thing you have to admit is that reality shows have their own level of entertainment and fun, especially when it has little children. Zee Kannada, a channel that aces viewership in terms of reality shows has always kept the best interests of the audiences in mind. So it is safe to say that all the reality shows on the channel are the best versions of themselves.

Check out the Tamil version of GENES here:

Take, for example, Dance Karnataka Dance Family War 2, which is a dance show alright but it is between the celebrities of the top primetime shows of the channel. It is a unique concept under the Dance Karnataka Dance banner. A rendition of the Zee Tamil reality show ‘GENES’ will premiere on our channel on January 18 at 6:30 pm.

Well, take a look at the promo and be surprised yourself…

The gorgeous hostess Sushma Rao, will be taking the position of the host of GENES. What did you get a hang of the concept yet? In the first watch, it appears that the show has something to do with family traits or some format of guessing who is the son of whom, but did you hear the part where Sushma said that celebrities will be involved in this show as contestants?

The rounds are going to be similar to that of the Tamil version, where the celebrity guests have to figure out the relationship between a group of people, who are also invited on the show. The contestants will have to do this after guessing their genetic resemblance.

Furthermore, the celebs have rounds like guessing the relationship between people based on how they look or how they behave and so on. If you are still confused, go back once again to see the promo again and it will make more sense now. While this is a unique show indeed, who else is waiting for the host to make it the best version yet?

Let us know what you think of this concept in the space given below.

Watch Seetharama Kalyana, on ZEE5 now.

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