Gayatri From Horn Ok Please Is The Girl-Next-Door That You Have Been Waiting For

Isha Keskar will make you fall in love twice- first for her beautiful eyes and then, with her quick wit. Be warned.

Manjiri Shete

April 30, 2019


2 min


It feels like hitting a lottery when you find a character whose personality is easygoing and fun on your favourite TV show.  So, obviously, we broke into a happy dance when we saw Gayatri from ZEE5 Original, Horn Ok Please! The actress Isha Keskar in Gayatri’s character is someone whom you can’t help but admire, but not everyone can go an approach her. Here’s why we love her!

Before you proceed, watch Horn Ok Please below:

In Horn Ok Please, Gayatri is an epitome of the girl-next-door. We love her easy-going nature and a spoonful of sass that she dishes out each time when someone does wrong to her. Although Advik may not necessarily agree with this, we love her. She, especially, won us over in the third episode when she helped her neighbour in fighting against Damdere Chacha with her quick wit. Smartly, all Gayatri did was used Facebook live to make Dadmdere Chacha leave and stop annoying her poor neighbour. We gave her extra points when Gayatri ended it on a happy note by clicking a selfie.

Isha Keskar from Horn Okay Please.
Isha Keskar from Horn Okay Please.

Nowadays, capturing worthwhile moments on Facebook Live seems like everyone’s favourite past time. Of course, this goes together with clicking selfies. Obviously, Gayatri got a virtual hug from us, too, when we saw her do these two of our favourite things. Although, Advik awkwardly posed with her, but, who cares, right? Damdere Chacha running away matters.

What are your thoughts on Gayatri? Let us know in the comments below.

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