Gattimela Written Update 16 September 2020: Adithi And Amulya Talk About Manju’s Retirement

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September 15, 2020


4 min


In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vedanth tells Amulya that he has something important to tell her just as she has important to tell him. When he asks her what she has to say, she decides to keep him in suspense and play around a little bit as she knows that he is in love with her but is not confessing her feelings to him. She, then, goes on to say I love you to him. Vedanth is taken aback when he hears the same.

In this episode, Adithi calls Amulya and tells her that they have completely forgotten the fact that their father is retiring in a couple of days. Adithi also says that as it is the end of the month and they do not have enough money to make it an occasion or even buy him the suit that they wanted to. Amulya also wonders what she can do for the suit as she had given Vedanth the money that she had saved for the same. Amulya tells her that she will think of something and they can make the plans once she reaches home.

She leaves to go back. Just then, Vedanth searches for Amulya as he does not know that she has left. On asking Aarthi her whereabouts, she tells him that Amulya had to leave as she had some work. She also mentions that Amulya had something to tell him to which Vedanth excitedly asks her what it is. Aarthi casually tells him that Amulya wanted to tell him that she loves him as a friend. Vedanth gets irritated when he hears the word ‘friend’ and decides that something must be done.

Vedanth and Aarthi

Suhasini, on the other hand, tries to create a rift between Vikranth and Aarthi. When Aarthi gets ready to go out with Vikranth, Suhasini tells that she is the daughter-in-law of the Vasishta family and most dress up more than she already has. Aarthi, confused by the same, decides to change and look more decked up.

That night, Vedanth thinks of calling Amulya but thinks many times how he should go about it. He also wonders what reason to give her if he calls her and how to make conversation with her in a manner that she won’t doubt him. Finally, when he calls, Adithi picks up the phone and tells him that everyone is well in the house. He also wonders how to ask about Amulya but she takes the phone from Adithi and disconnects the call before he can say anything else.

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