Gattimela Written Update 15 September 2020: Vedanth And Amulya Have A Conversation

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September 14, 2020


3 min


In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vedanth comes back from Amulya’s house and sees that Vikranth is waiting for him. He tries to ignore him but Vikranth tells him that he has been meaning to talk to him about everything that has happened in the past. Moreover, he tells him that he did not want him to be angry with the fact that Druva is staying with the Manjunath family as he was satisfied with the fact that he is safe.

In this episode, Vedanth tells Amulya that he has something important to tell her just as she has important to tell him. When he asks her what she has to say, she decides to keep him in suspense and play around a little bit as she knows that he is in love with her but is not confessing her feelings to him.

She, then, goes on to say I love you to him. Vedanth is taken aback when he hears the same. Before he can react, she tells him that she loves him in a friendly manner as he has always helped her and continues to help her with whatever difficulties she has. Vedanth gets irritated and both of them go inside. He also thinks of telling her what he feels for her but gets nervous and decides to confess his feelings another time.

Later, everyone is seated at the dining table as Amulya serves them breakfast. Ajji asks him why he has not left for the office yet to which he says that he will be working from home as he does not have much work. As he says that Vikranth thinks to himself that the only work Vedanth has is to tie the knot with Amulya and become one with her. Meanwhile, Vedanth and Amulya have a moment.

Druva and Adithi

Elsewhere, Adithi and Druva argue yet again as she tells him not to go out anywhere. On asking why, she tells him that he has not recovered fully and must not go out unnecessarily. Just then, Manju comes and tells her that she mustn’t fight with him and asks her to go get him a glass of water.

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