Gattimela Written Update 14 September 2020: Vedanth And Vikranth Make Peace

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September 11, 2020


3 min


In the previous episode of Gattimela, Amulya notices that Vedanth has also come to the same Bhajarangi temple as she has. She hides behind the idol so that they do not have to talk. However, when she hears him confess his feelings about her, she is beyond excited. She goes home and hugs her father with joy. Manju also thinks of the time when she had come home drenched and cried to him as opposed to how she came back home and hugged him this time.

In this episode, Vedanth comes back from Amulya’s house and sees that Vikranth is waiting for him. He tries to ignore him but Vikranth tells him that he has been meaning to talk to him about everything that has happened in the past. Moreover, he tells him that he did not want him to be angry with the fact that Druva is staying with the Manjunath family as he was satisfied with the fact that he is safe.

Vikranth also gets emotional when he tells him that he never wanted to hurt him but it seems like he has done that anyway. He tries to express the fact that he only cares for Druva because they are brothers and he cannot forget the fact that they are one family. When Vedanth tries to leave, Vikranth falls at his feet and apologises to him. Vedanth immediately picks him up and hugs him. Just then Adya comes in and joins them. She tells them that nothing makes her happier than seeing them together. Sarthak also joins in and tells them that he is the happiest when he is with them.

Vedanth and Amulya

The next day, Amulya comes to Vedanth’s house to give them a chutney that Pari has made for them. She sees Vedanth talking on the phone and wonders why he is taking so long to express his love for her. She also decides to make a light moment out of it as he has made her wait so much and it only makes sense that she does the same. When he sees her, he comes towards her to tell her that he has something important to tell her. She says the same too.

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