Gattimela Written Update 14 August 2020: Vedanth And Amulya Defeat Kishan

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August 13, 2020


3 min


In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vikranth and Amulya have dinner as they discuss what has happened to Vedanth. Amulya tells him that ever since they have a doubt about where Vedanth really is, she has not been able to think about anything else. She also says that she is worried, to which Vikranth says that nothing would have happened to him. Amulya tells him that Vedanth has never just disappeared like this and she cannot help but wonder if he is really safe or not.

In this episode, Vedanth finds a way to untie himself and go save Amulya. He fights Kishan who is surprised to see that Vedanth escaped being tied. Just as they try to escape, Kishan comes from behind and hits Amulya’s head after which she becomes unconscious. He uses this opportunity to capture Vedanth and Vikranth again. When Amulya wakes up, she sees that Vedanth and Vikranth have been tied in a way that they are almost hanging off a stool. Kishan tells Amulya that she must choose who she wants to kill. Amulya is taken aback as she does not want to kill either of them. Nevertheless, Kishan gives her a gun and tells her that within his countdown, she must decide whoever she pleases to shoot. Amulya starts tearing up as Vedanth and Vikranth tell her not to shoot the other. Amulya chooses to shoot Vedanth but pretends to shoot him when she actually shoots the rope. Meanwhile, Druva uses this opportunity to keep the goons away from Vedanth so that he does not need to fight more people than there already are.

Amulya and Vedanth

Amulya shoots the rope instead of Vedanth himself. Vedanth uses this opportunity to attack Kishan. He ties Kishan up and unties Vikranth after which they have an emotional moment as they are all safe. Vedanth thanks Vikranth for coming and saving him to which Vikranth said it was Amulya who played such a major role in saving him. He hugs Amulya and they have a romantic moment. Vikranth takes Kishan to the police station. Vedanth and her then decide to go to the temple.

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