Gattimela: Why Are Amulya And Vikranth Shocked?

Amulya and Vikranth both come to certain realisations and discover some things that prove Vedanth is in India.


August 11, 2020


3 min


In the previous episode of Gattimela, Sarthak comes home for Raksha Bandhan. Amulya is delighted to see him and calls Adithi to tie a rakhi too. When they reach office, Amulya tells Sarthak and Vikranth that there is a new employee who will be joining them that day who turns out to be Druva. While Vikranth is delighted to see him, they pretend like they are meeting for the first time so that Amulya does not discover the truth.

In this episode, Amulya is accused of stealing some money from the office. Two people arranged by Suhasini are disguised as officers and tels Amulya that they had gotten a call from someone who informed them about money that was being laundered by her. Sarthak and Vikranth tell Suhasini to do something about the situation as Amulya is family and she would not have done anything. Suhasini pretends to do something to send them away. However, she tells Sahithya that she should have put the money in Vedanth’s cabin instead of Amulya’s drawer. Later that day, Sarthak and Vikranth talk about how Amulya would not have done anything and it must be Sahithya who put the money in the drawer.

Amulya at the laundry shop

Amulya leaves for the day. As she is passing by in the car, she sees Vedanth’s blazer hanging in a laundry shop. She goes to the shop and notices the owner wearing Vedanth’s watch, too. On asking him, he tells her that someone had given it to him and that he did not steal it. Amulya goes back home and thinks about what Druva said about Vedanth being in India itself. She tries to call him and see if he picks up. Only then, she realises that there is a recorded voice that says the phone is switched off in the regional language which is only possible if he’s in the same state.

That night, Vikranth comes home to tell her something about the money laundering when Amulya tells him that Vedanth might still be in Karnataka and she is sure because of the voice recording. They discuss what to do next about the same. Druva, on the other hand, follows the two men who had dressed up as officers in the office to a construction site.

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