Gattimela To Kamali: 6 Shocking TV Plot Twists That Were Next Level Brilliant

Parinika Uchil

June 11, 2019

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Any daily soap, to make an impact on the audiences’ mind, needs to have a balance of every kind of emotion along with a cliffhanger at the end. Zee Kannada, the leading channel for primetime shows, has exactly that for you! With a dash of drama and a good spin on emotions, each show be it Subbalakshmi Samsara, Kamali, Paaru or even Gattimela, every show will keep you hooked for more. If you also may have noticed, each show is unique to its specific plot and story.

So without further ado, today we present to you some of the recent and most shocking plots on six popular shows on Zee Kannada. Let us know which one was your favourite in the end. Ready na?

1. Jodi Hakki

A Promotional Poster Of The Zee Kannada Show Jodi Hakki
Source: Instagram

Starring Chaithra Rao and Thandav Ram as Janaki and Rama respectively, the show Jodi Hakki has given fans over 600 episodes of pure entertainment. The story revolves around a shy-man, Rama, who is a wrestler by profession and meets Janaki, a budding-teacher, along the course of his life. They are married off and then starts their journey of life. However, Janaki’s sister-in-law Nanditha aka Pallavi Gowda makes her life hell because of internal jealousy. Recently, Nanditha along with her sister Kadambari killed Parvathi, Rama’s mother in an encounter. This came in as a shock for the fans because Parvathi was supposed to be the glue between Rama and Appanna, and now both have lost the lady they loved so much. An emotional twist yes but absolutely unexpected.

2. Subbalakshmi Samsara

A Promotional Poster Of The Cast Of Subbalakshmi Samsara
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In a ghastly turn on of events, the Deepa Bhaskar and Bhavani Singh starrer Subbalakshmi Samsara too has reached an emotional but shocking turn point. What happened was, Maria keeps Shanaya (played by Samikshaa) on house arrest and produces an unrecognisable body, claiming that it is Guru, and he is dead. On the other hand, Subbalakshmi (played by Deepa Bhaskar) receives a body at the hospital which everyone including Arun claims is Gurumurthy ‘s (played by Bhavani Singh). Cheerful in her disbelief, she announces that her Maava is still alive. While it was a shocking turn of events for fans, do you really think Gurumurthy is dead?

3. Yaare Nee Mohini

A Still Of Aishwarya Baspure Aka Maya In Yaare Nee Mohini
Source: ZEE5

This show focuses on the life of Muttu (played by Chethan Vicky) and Belli (played by Sushma Shekhar). Muttu, who was married to a woman named Chitra before, becomes a widower thanks to his Chikkamma, Neelambari and her accomplices. While Chitra’s spirit doesn’t find peace after the heinous crime, enter Muttu’s soon-to-be life partner Belli. Since a young age, Belli has always considered Muttu her everything and is always in the hopes that he will understand her love some day. And that day is not far people! Recently, Chitra assumed Belli’s form and killed Nanjunda with a trident. While Ashoka and Maya are convinced that Belli is behind this, Muttu stands as her shield. Getting to the shocking twist, when Ashoka asked him if Belli was his wife, he said ‘yes’!!

4. Kamali

A Still Of Kamali And Annapoorna From The Hit Show Kamali
Source: ZEE5

After Kamali (played by Amulya Gowda) was declared Annapoorna Mahajan’s (Padmavasanthi) mommagalu, things have been progressing rapidly for the young lass. Yes! In a jaw-dropping twist (at least for Kamini, Anika and Urmila), Annapoorna announces that Kamali’s her granddaughter on her birthday. For Rishi (Niranjan BS) While it doesn’t matter two mind-boggling things happened on the show in the last week. One, in a car mishap, Kamali accidentally heard THE ENTIRE recording of Rishi who confesses his love for her! OMG! The second and even more shocking turn of events was that Rishi’s father agreed to get him and Kamali MARRIED! But will she accept? Already the confession seemed to have been too much for her to handle.

5. Gattimela

Nisha And Rakshit From Gattimela In A Still
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Another show on Zee Kannada currently leading the primetime lineups is Gattimela, starring Nisha Ravikrishnan and Rakshit as Amulya and Vedanth respectively. Now, this is more of a love-hate story because until recently, they both despised each other. However, a mishap with Amulya at Vedanth’s construction site softened him up a little, or so it seems. Given the fact that he hates women, Amulya is a big step-up for him. Now coming to the mind-blowing twist I would call it, Gautham, who is Amulya’s older sister Aarthi’s fiancé has emerged as a supervillain! In a recent face-off between Vedanth and Gautham, it seemed that the latter was gaining the upper hand, but the former has played his cards right. From his sources, Vedanth has learnt that Gautham has a wife already!!

6. Bramhagantu

A Still Of The Lead Cast Of Bramhagantu Lucky And Geetha
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The story of an over-sized Geetha is not unknown to you, but the show Bramhagantu has improved the quality of its plot wonderfully in the past few months. Starting with Sumathi Amma (played by Swathi) getting pregnant, much to her son Lucky’s (played by Bharath Bopanna) horror. After what seemed like an era, Lucky finally accepted his mother and father again. Then, things turned in Namma Gundamma’s (Geetha Bhat) favour because her husband Lucky appreciated all that she did for her parents. The genius plot has now turned in Geetha’s favour because he has fallen deeply in love with her!! Yes! After aeons, and against all of Geetha’s belief, her love for his parents finally won his heart. To show that he cares, Lucky even arranges for a romantic night for Geetha and made her feel like the queen of the world.

Which plot stopped your heartbeat for a second at least? Write your choice in the space provided below.

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