Gattimela: Take A Look At What Druva Has To Say About Vedanth

Druva has a discussion with Amulya and Vikranth about where Vedanth could be.


August 12, 2020


3 min


In the previous episode of Gattimela, Amulya is accused of stealing some money from the office. Two people arranged by Suhasini are disguised as officers and they tell Amulya that they had gotten a call from someone who informed them about money that was being laundered by her. Sarthak and Vikranth tell Suhasini to do something about the situation as Amulya is family and she would not have done anything.

In this episode, Vikranth and Amulya have dinner as they discuss what has happened to Vedanth. Amulya tells him that ever since they have a doubt about where Vedanth really is, she has not been able to think about anything else. She also says that she is worried to which Vikranth says that nothing would have happened to him. Amulya tells him that Vedanth has never just disappeared like this and she cannot help but wonder if he is really safe or not. Elsewhere, Ajji and Adya have a conversation wherein Adya tells her that she is worried about Vedanth as he has not called even once since he has left. Ajji consoles her and tells her that she must not have such negative thoughts at a time like this when she is pregnant. She also says that she must be calm and trust that whatever the issue is, Vedanth will be able to handle it.

Ajji and Adya
Ajji and Adya

The next day, Druva and Vikranth act like acquaintances in front of Amulya. Druva tells both of them that the men who came to the office were really not officers and were actually some sort of goons. He also tells them that he followed them after they left the office wherein they landed up at a construction site. Over there, he saw them talk to a man who was wearing a kurta. Just as he says that Amulya takes out a picture of Kishan, who had threatened Vedanth and her in the past, and asks Druva if the man he saw in the kurta is the same man. Druva sees the picture and tells her that he was the one who was giving the two men instructions.

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