Gattimela-Jothe Jotheyali Mahasangama 26 August 2020 Written Update: Meera And Jhende Speak

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August 26, 2020


3 min


In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vedanth and Arya have decided to have a fun round of games with Amulya, Anu, Adithi, Vikranth, Adya and Sarthak. Once they have performed the rituals, they come to the garden outside and form a circle around which they decide to play the game inspired by Spin The Bottle.

In this episode, Amulya says that there is no one who can imitate her and act like her as she is an original piece. Just then. Vedanth begins to emphasise on the way Amulya talks and calls himself ‘Rowdy Baby’ the way she does. Adya looks at Amulya in a naughty way to make her understand how well Vedanth knows her. Vedanth then begins to imitate her even more while everyone around gets entertained. Vikranth even gets so excited and carries him. Amulya is also surprised to see how accurate his acting was. Adithi also tells her that Vedanth has noticed and observed her so closely which is why she could imitate her the way that he did. She also says that he remembers exactly what she has said in the past.


Jhende, on the other hand, has a conversation with Meera about Arya. Meera tells Jhende to help her out and fix things between Arya and her as she also expresses how lonely she is feeling. Jhende asks her why she does not want to be everyone and partake in the game to which she says that she is being ignored by Arya and is not in the mood to interact with so many people.

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