Gattimela-Jothe Jotheyali Mahasangama 22 August 2020 Written Update: Vedanth Shares A Romantic Moment With Amulya

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August 21, 2020


3 min


In the previous episode of Gattimela, everyone is getting ready for the Ganesha habbada pooja at Vedanth’s house. While everyone is excited, they are all preparing more this year as the celebrations will take place alongside Arya and his family. The morning of the preparations, Amulya calls Vikranth and complains to him about the fact that his brother has no sense and does not know how to call her back.

In this episode, Amulya pretends to hurt her foot that evening so that Vedanth carries her to the car. They also begin to fight about how Amulya is irresponsible and does not take care of herself. Amulya then thinks to herself that there are so many things she needs to do just so she can get close to him.

He picks her up and takes her to the car when Amulya feels a mix of emotions towards him. Just as she tries to get into the car, she hits her head and becomes unconscious. Vedanth does not react to it as it has happened with her multiple times. He talks aloud as though she is awake to tell her that she only acts like she is a ‘rowdy baby’ but she is actually very sensitive and accident-prone. When she wakes up, she asks Vedanth where they are going to which he says that he is taking her to the hospital as she has hurt her foot. She tells him that she is fine and does not need any treatment.

Anu and Arya

Meanwhile, Arya and Anu are having a conversation. Anu is surprised to see him there and asks him how he found her. He also tells her that he has something very important to share with her but Jhende, who is with Kanta, calls Anu. After having the call with him, she tells Arya that Jhende is calling them to the venue. Arya thinks that it is just another trick Jhende is playing so that they don’t talk. However, Jhende tells them that he has arranged for personal bodyguards for Vedanth and Arya. Vedanth is informed about the same.

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