Gattimela: Here’s Why Anju Deserves A Seat In Her Dream College

Check out why Anju has all the reasons to be part of a prestigious college of her choice!


September 11, 2020


3 min


In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vikranth has a conversation with his father about how angry Vedanth has been. He tells his father that he was only trying to protect Vedanth from being disappointed but somehow things have gotten even worse. Elsewhere, Anju has completed her high school and is now applying to go to the college of her dreams.

As we all know, Sarthak and Anju come back from the college where they wanted to get Anju admitted. As Anju seems upset, Amulya asks them what happened about her admissions, to which Anju begins to cry. On asking why, Sarthak tells them that they already have seats reserved for the more privileged children who pay an extra amount to reserve such seats or have contacts at the institution.

Amulya gets irritated with the same and asks Anju not to feel bad as she deserves a lot better to which she says that she wanted to go to that specific college as she has certain dreams that she would like to achieve. She runs into her room and locks herself up.

Druva helps Anju study
Druva helps Anju study

Anju has always been a well-deserving candidate and deserves to get into the college that she desires as it is her character on the basis of which she should get admission. She is hardworking, persistent and has always focused on her goals. Whether it is studying or sports, she has been able to maintain a certain balance and work towards achieving her goals. She is also very clear about what she wants to do in the future and how the college that she wishes to go to will provide her with the knowledge that she will need to possess.

Moreover, she has also gotten the kind of marks that the college requires along with participation in extra-curricular activities. She met all the requirements but could not make it to the college as she did not have the financial bandwidth to reserve a seat there.

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