Gattimela: Druva Has Been A Silent Saviour For Manjunath And Vasishta Family

Druva has always made sure that he protects both families. Details inside.


August 13, 2020


2 min


Druva, as we know, is Vedanth’s brother but has been thrown out of his house for some reason. Multiple times, we have seen that Druvas has tried to make peace with his brother but has failed to do so as Vedanth has developed a certain hatred towards him.

Adya and Vikranth, on the other hand, ignore that there have been problems with Druva and continue to treat him with the same amount of love that they have for each other. Moreover, we have also seen that Suhasini is in bad terms with Druva and is always trying to put him down. She also keeps him away from her family. However, Druva has always been a silent saviour to the family as well as to Amulya’s family.

Druva and Adya

Multiple times we have seen him going out of the way to support Amulya and her family. Whether it is helping Adithi fight a blackmailer or help Pushpa in setting up her business, he has always found ways to make things work. Additionally, we also see that he puts his life at risk to save Aarthi when she gets kidnapped by Sarika. He also gets hit on the head when he saves her but makes sure that she makes it on time for the wedding.

Recently, we see that he is the first one to discover that Vedanth is in trouble and has not really gone to Australia. He also follows the goons to find out where Vedanth has been kept. He also fights those goons singlehandedly and makes sure that Vedanth and Vikranth are safe. This way, he has always been there for the family and has never even taken credit for the same.

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